Nurburgring 1967

Nurburgring 1967 1.1

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Nurburgring 1967
Original tracks made by Nick303 and Motorfx, then merged and improved by Kackbratze for rFactor.
Converted and improved for Assetto Corsa by me.

To install extract in 'assettocorsa' folder

ATENTION: To enjoy this track in all its potential you need Content Manager and Custom Shaders Patch installed. Some shaders from CSP are required in order for the track to work, otherwise it will just crash.
If you don't want to install CM and CSP, you can still get the required shader files in this link:

Drop the content from "new" folder into assettocorsa/system/shaders


- 6 Layouts (Dry and Wet versions of each)

Steilstecke Loop

- Working AI
- 12 Pit Boxes in Steilstrecke Loop layout. The other layouts have 32 Pit Boxes.


- Full scenario mesh smoothening
- Road physical mesh
- Vegetation rearrangement
- Complete texture overhaul
- New 3D models for signs, fencing, structures, and vehicles

- New camera facing spectators
- Replay cameras
- Custom Shaders Patch file config includes night mode and seasons

Alternative replay set for betonschleife by FFF789.

Thanks to Alberto Fracasso for handing me the required textures to make wet version layouts.

Any bugs, problems, observations, write them in the support thread with some pictures if you can so i can understand any problems easily.

This work is based on hundreds of pictures and some videos from the 65/70 era of Nurburgring, with emphasis in 1967. There's a few spots around the track where i didn't had any media to work on, but the scenario is roughly accurate.











Latest updates

  1. Nürburgring 1967 V1.1

    Before running this version please DELETE EXTENSION FOLDER LOCATED IN...
  2. Nürburgring 1967 V1.0.1

    V1.0: Wet versions for all layouts (Thanks to Alberto Fracasso for the textures) Tire groove...
  3. Nürburgring 1967 V1.0

    2020-01-24, V1.0: Wet versions for all layouts (Thanks to Alberto Fracasso for the textures)...

Latest reviews

Is it overdone? All these errors trying to copy even single files into my track folder. Why? And of cause it does show in game but the track does not load. Many other tracks just worked fine with my method. The poor rating is for the issues I have, not for the track itself.
Beautiful circuit but i keep having issues importing into my tracks folder. Most of the kn5 model files won't copy over to my tracks folder in Assetto Corsa usually give me a "An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file" error. Last PC i had let me add the circuit in just fine.
With "Deutschlandring" and "Spa 66" this is the track i love and have driven the most over the years! Thank you soooo much!
the mod is just brilliant
Just tried the latest update. Continues to be one of my absolute favorite tracks. Just amazing.
Thank you.
It's perfect and enjoyble hystorical track
the best version out there. the wet tracks are insane. all works perfect.
Love the track. but the "Gesamtschleife" does not work here. After the last corner, just before the start of the pit lane, the car crashes into an imaginary wall.
Very nice track
Incredible mod track that puts justice to the great nordschleife. As it can't be laser scanned this is the highest level of quality that can be expected from such a mod track.

I do think some parts of the track have a bit too much elevation, or just don't feel quite right, however it is not realistic to get it perfect considering these parts aren't waht they used to be these days.
thank you - Fantastic looking circuit - just wish I could get it to work!!! Downloaded file but just comes up as an rar file, dropped in the track file but does nothing ahhh!! Any ideas on how to sort this???
thank you,today i type on google search : assetto corsa pc Nurburgring old track,and yes,that's what i was lokking for,so thank you again,look great track.
Absolutely fantastic. Downloaded this evening and all tracks work great. Was actually using one of the VRC touring cars on it. Excellent work
brillant set of tracks ,they have been working great , then today assetto corsa says tracks are missing yet are all clearly in AC tracks folder, i will say ever since ive put sol into content manager its caused nothing but issuses lol
Stunning recreation of this classic racetrack with great details for the immersion.
merci beaucoup pour les heures de travails abattu
really wonderful! some sections are topographically (probably) not implemented correctly but that's okay. Sometimes the AI flies off, for example at the "Schwedenkreuz"
The track is awesome and very well remade and very detailed. Nurburgring Nordschleife is my favorite track so I decide to make a video regarding this version of it. Hope guys you will enjoy
it just wont load...spent an hour trying to fix it but im done for today...i have had never problems installing mods whatsoever but this makes me furious. why the freaking hell does the game send me back to the menu after a short time in the loading screen? it even sais "loading nordschleife..." its a joke what the hell did i do wrong?!

guess the track is awesome

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