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Geesburg layout 11. 1.0

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The Geesburg layout 11 track is an eight shaped big track which comprises the oval, the internal and external speedway road course.

Can be used for on- and off line racing.

There are a few curbstones and walls which are not illuminated when driving at night at this track.
The update below solves this. The easiest way to update is to overwrite the old Geesburg_gmt.mas file with the update.
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Whether or not this is a 'fantasy' track or a 'real life' track, I could not find the answer to via a google search.

This is a very, very long track (25.9 km) and mostly very fast: The first part does have a somewhat classic Formula 1 feel -- fairly fast stretches followed by series of sharp turns and chicanes -- and then the second part is comprised of a very fast and somewhat scenic "autobahn-esque" stretch with no sharp turns...only gradual turns, during most of which stretch you can "floor" the accelerator.

The track and off track details are good, and the circuit is fun to race.
Erwin Greven
Erwin Greven
fantasy track. Originally it was a Race Department Build off Track. Someone dropped a layout and then others would create a track from it.

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