1. Column: Which Ovals Have Good Road Courses?

    Column: Which Ovals Have Good Road Courses?

    Oval racing season reached its peak with the Indy 500 and Coke 600, and that got Luca wondering: Which oval racetracks have decent road course configurations? I am not keen on oval racing, I just do not have the nerve for it - but I respect those who do race on ovals. So I will happily stick to...
  2. rmi_wood

    Arena 1.01

    features: 3 layouts Oval, Road-oval (20 pit/grid) and Kart (15 pit/grid) AI and cameras LightsFX, RainFX Working Digi-lights™ race flags credits: Original model by @Luis Barata , converted with permission by @rmi_wood 3d fixes/rework by @Luis Barata cameras by @shin956 beta testing by the...
  3. Watch: iRacing Oval Guide For Beginners with ELZ

    Watch: iRacing Oval Guide For Beginners with ELZ

    Getting into the art of turning left can be overwhelming, but our iRacing Oval Guide is here to help. Watch ELZ’s tips and tricks for the basics of the discipline! Image credit: iRacing.com Just like iRacing itself can be tricky to get into, oval racing on the premier sim for online...
  4. Paragraph Pioneer

    Indianapolis Motor Speedway 1988 RFE

    This I found on the Classic Motorsport Hub after being tipped by Gulag_Express, which is also where I found the original Aurora AFX mod. This track has the small flat non-banked pieces of tarmac (called the 'apron') on the inside which was a staple of the Indy 500 before they were abolished...
  5. Is The iRacing Indy 500 Returning?

    Is The iRacing Indy 500 Returning?

    A tweet by a reporter for Sports Business Journal claiming IndyCar is negotiating a fresh deal with iRacing has made the rounds after getting retweeted by iRacing themselves! Image credit: iRacing.com Remember this time last year? The iRacing oval racing community was understandably upset...
  6. blackskull101

    JNS Oval track pack add-on 2023-11-21

    EDIT: These two tracks are now included in the main JNS Oval pack in the link below. This is a small pack of 2 JNS ovals - Myrtle Beach and Ozark. They can be used with the JNS Track pack uploaded here on RD: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/jns-oval-track-pack.65108/
  7. MJQT

    JNS Oval Track Pack 2011

    This is a pack of oval mod tracks for rFactor 1. Thought it was important to upload here on RaceDepartment, since it's not easy to find on the open Internet nowadays. Here is a list of tracks included in the download. FYI I believe there were more oval tracks made by JNS for rF1, but they were...
  8. Fourty-Too!

    One Week Track Project: Morris Park Racecourse 1905 1.0.0

    IMPORTANT NOTES/KNOWN ISSUES: CSP is needed for GrassFX, Tiling Fix, RainFX, and other CSP adjustments. Will work just fine without it as well. I have separated the spectators into their own KN5 file, so if you’re someone who likes racing without spectators, you can easily delete or rename...
  9. ohyeah2389

    Sandy Hook Speedway v0.1

    License: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/ This is a model of Sandy Hook Speedway for Kart Racing Pro. The model is based on publicly available QL2 aerial LiDAR data and orthophotos. The model is being developed on commission. The track uses my...
  10. X

    LA Memorial Coliseum NASCAR 0.2

    Im truly amazed that no one has made a mod for this yet! That does not mean this is going to be the best mod ever however. This is mere but a work in progress at the moment. Please be aware, the AI may not pit in any race due to the pit lane having such a tight and wide entry.
  11. Rainmaker_87

    Indianapolis (damone13x) shader overhaul and night lights 4.2

    This patch adds night lights to all layouts and gives a more brighter shader setting. I also fixed the unnecessary high damping for curbs and grass. I also corrected the pit stop issue for the GP layouts. However for some cars the pit procedure will start over and over again. Track link in the...
  12. RcDaniel

    Daytona Oval 1970s 1960s extension for Daytona 1960s 1970s 1.2

    now they can be downloaded together. Daytona Oval 1970s 1960s here:https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/daytona-1960s-1970s.56288/
  13. Rainmaker_87

    Phoenix International Raceway (Oval) 2.1

    This 3D-track was made by Corvette Dave for the rFactor VHR Stockcar mod. It was converted and enhanced to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker. Thank you CorvetteDave for the permission and nandorock for asking! Features: -replay cameras -working track map -support for hot lap mode -support for time...
  14. Historic Sim Studios LLC

    2023 North Wilkesboro Speedway 1.01

    The Historic Sim Studios team is proud to present the 2023 North Wilkesboro Speedway racetrack for Assetto Corsa! This weekend NASCAR will return to this legendary venue for the first time in over 25 years. We are currently working on 1994, 1972, and 1954 (dirt) versions of this iconic track...
  15. SAR22

    RSS Hyperion FICTIONAL #00 Logitech livery 1.0

    FICTIONAL #00 Logitech G - Tuki Racing Division livery for the RSS Hyperion 2020 I love how creative you can get with a Stock Car so I made a skin for myself. Some people got interested in it so I'm just uploading it. I'm open for requests. To do list: Driver suit, helmet and gloves...
  16. Fourty-Too!

    Atlanta Speedway 1910 1.0.1

    IMPORTANT NOTES/KNOWN ISSUES: CSP is needed for GrassFX, Tiling Fix, RainFX, and other CSP adjustments. Will work just fine without it as well. I have separated the spectators into their own KN5 file, so if you’re someone who likes racing without spectators, you can easily delete or rename...
  17. ohyeah2389

    South Carolina Motorsports Park v0.2.1

    With permission from the original designer, I present this model of HairpinTrackDesign's South Carolina Motorsports Park for Assetto Corsa. I modeled it using Blender directly off of the original design. It is still in an early stage of development, but it is drivable and ready for public...
  18. emomilol

    Custom oval 0.5

    my custom oval track hope you liked it
  19. T

    #41 for Legion Super Late Model 1

    should be a normal install but you can install it manually
  20. Fourty-Too!

    Autodrome de Miramas 1924-1932 1.0.0

    IMPORTANT NOTES: Requires CSP for layout-specific configs and for RainFX. Track should still work fine with Vanilla AC, but will be missing some visual elements in the 1926 and 1932 layouts. I think there were some flickering issues with the mountains that I fixed through config that will pop...

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