Glen Sheil Realistic Traffic Simulation

Glen Sheil Realistic Traffic Simulation V1.4

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can't complain
Fantastic work. Must've taken quite some effort. Thanks mate!
Hey mate, around I started in April and it took a long time to draw traffic lines on all the roads one by one. I can say this, each road you take offers a route of around 10 to 20 km on average. On some roads, this reaches 30-40 km. These are very, very long distances compared to the roads we know. I recommend everyone to try it and enjoy it.
Thankyou so much for this. You've done a fantastic job, and this huge map needs traffic to keep you interested as you drive around Scotland.

Having driven much of this route in real life, it really gives that 'I visited the Highlands in the middle of summer, I wish I could blast past this lot' vibe :D

I find the traffic a little slow at times, I can't remember the area number (I think 5?) but the speed for that area was set at 49kph and I think it was affecting most of the map. Raising it up to 100kph made things flow a lot better - but it could always be a placebo and there's a car park somewhere where all the cars are flying around lol.

BTW if anyone is opening CSP traffic planner on 0.2.1 and finding it blank with no cars on track check the discussion tab in this thread. CSP issue.
Wow, thank you for this amazing feedback!

Putting traffic to the map was quite a journey, and honestly, I haven't had the chance to drive through the whole thing myself yet. There might be some glitches or snags along the way, but I'll surely notice them as I take it out for a spin for all map.

About the speed concern, I totally get what you mean—there are moments where it feels a bit sluggish even to me, though I've tried to stick to the rules. Increasing the speed, especially on those main roads, sounds like a good plan!

Just to clarify, the traffic simulation phase for the map is wrapped up, but hey, that doesn’t mean it's the end of the road for improvements. I'll be cruising around, spotting and fixing any hiccups, and share future updates.

Seriously, thanks a bunch for the encouraging words!
Dude, this map NEEDED THIS. I'm UK based and love this map more than any other, however it always feels so empty when driving my favourite cars offline. Thank you so much for this. Instant 5 stars from me!
Thanks a lot for the amazing feedback! You're absolutely right, this excellent map really needed it. It's awesome to hear that it's now more enjoyable to drive your favorite cars offline.
Just wanted to give you a heads up that I'm still working on the traffic simulation and have more updates in the pipeline. So stay tuned for even more excitement coming your way soon!
Thanks again for the kind words and the instant 5 stars. If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to reach out. Happy driving!
That's awesome, thanks! Will be eagerly awaiting future updates :)
The map is huge. Progress continues patiently :D

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