Gran Turismo Sport ppfilter (STABLE)

Gran Turismo Sport ppfilter (STABLE) 1.4

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Here is my GTS ppfilter for Assetto Corsa. Do not hesitate to use it no matter the situation and the conditions to be sure to see what goes or not like that. This is my first filter so please be indulgent. I put my 20 years of photography knowledge to good use and try my best to reproduce a good camera render so I hope it will be good for you as much as it has been for me for the past few months. It's still a first beta version so I would probably change things as and when needed. I have tried to make it as versatile as possible. Whether it's night, day, rain, etc. You can see the video on youtube where you have the whole day. Feel free to tell me your opinion. Being a huge fan of the rendering of GTS scapes I wanted to get the same aspect as much as possible. It's not perfect but did my best so in advance for the critic you're welcome ahah. Don't forget to rate it here or leave a comment of what you think about it that i can improve it.

ENJOY ! :)



video : GTS ppfilter stress test Le Mans

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  1. Gran Turismo Sport ppfilter UPDATE !

    Here is a big update for the filter and now the beta testing is finished ! I can offer a more...

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This pp filter is amazing but not with sol but illja pure. i beg u please make it optimized for pure because it looks amazing with it but steals 30 to 35 fps which is a lot
tried several, best one for me,
I just start to play ACC a couple days ago and I was disappointed about graphics but you.. you are the reason of I played whole day ACC cuz of this amazing filter!.. I'd like to decrease saturation a little bit but dont know where can I do that. Even I dont have any idea its possible or not. Thank you mate its really nice filter and settings!
PS: I find the saturation settings under the post pro. and %80-85 sat. with %40 Exposure amazing to me! thanks again.
its great i use it all the time
Think this is one of the best filters available. all others always looked weirdly washed out, probably my settings but this one worked great. very nice in sunny weather and great at night. thanks.
Just stunning! Really good job, my new favorite PPFilter for sure.
Well Vatski... i don't like it at all. I love it! But i do have a recommendation, turn off the Auto-Exposure in the ini file, it tends to create many situations where it's too dark for what it should be.
Thanks for your suggestion ! appreciate. Try using alternative Auto-Exposure in sol config. It's on page 3 or 4, AE goes on 1 value ;)> It should be better normally
Looks good but steals about 15-20 FPS in replays on my system (RTX 2080 with latest SOL & CSP)
try the new version i just post i think it should be fine now :). I don't have a high end computer and i got around 30-40fps mostly and stable 60fps if i lower to LOW-MEDIUM mix in the video settings
Absolutely stunning, one you have that you'll never use another filter.
thank you very much ! try the new update
Best ppfilter, thanks!
thank you very much !
the best for my eyes , and the replays , replays are like reality !
thanks !
I love it, it gives the exact feeling i was expecting, not like realism, more like "game" realism, the only "bad" thing is that sometimes its gets too dark in the interior
thank you :)
file is corrupted. too bad !! :/
Thanks for the mod it really does beauty up the game
The godrays are sometimes a bit strong but I really like how it looks overall.
i lowered the godrays in the new update

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