Helmet Satoru Nakajima #11 for Lotus 99T car

Helmet Satoru Nakajima #11 for Lotus 99T car 1.0

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Well, since no one done it I did it. :) But - as a temporary solution. Cause I hope that someone with better skils will say "oh, let's make this the way it should be made".
I'm at work and can't really test this, so I hope someone of you guys will do it and show me if the main and upper part fix good together (but I sincerelly doubt it :)) and maybe even post here some pics !? (that would be cool)

Made this inspired by Nakajima skin for Lotus 99T, you can find it here:


Installation? - just overwrite the old one.

As it is, still it looks better then the original BLUE :) "Nakajima" helmet. I think this great Japaneese driver and even nicest person deserve helmet that look, if not quite like his, at least close at it. ;)
Of course, you can use this helmet on some other cars that use "1985" style helmet. Feel free to do that. Feel free to edit this, of course for your own pleasure but if you want to publish updated version of this, please ask me first. Unless you've made it from the scratch of course! :D

Salute to all Japaneese fellow simmers around here btw! :)

Sincerely yours,
gamer19 aka shnala
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