(oh so) Real Onboard cams for CART Extreme

(oh so) Real Onboard cams for CART Extreme v.1.1

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(oh so) Real Onboard cams for CART Extreme v.1.1
[I count this as a 1.1 since "1.0" already comes with the CART Extreme 1.1 mod]

Reynard example

So, here's my cameras mod for this game and this wonderful mod CART Extreme 1998. My own small way to say "thank you, to all involved into this, starting from rFactor version to this, GSCE version". Seriously, thank you guys.

Many changes to almost all the cams. Compared to version which comes with 1.0 (those cameras I didn't edit) but also there's (oh so:)) many changes to cameras that comes with mod version 1.1 (those are my cameras).
Now you got 3 (yup, THREE) T-cams. And the reason for this is cause, with all my experience on this field (you have on RD my mod for F1 2014. but that's only one of many), I know it's hard to please everyone - some like cam to be more to front, some more at back, some like smaller fov, some bigger, some prefered cam to be lower, some higher, some like the centered cam, some... oh you got it by now...
Swift example

Guys that made this mod opted for only one T-cam (and I understand them, they want to make it simple) but, hey... that doesn't mean I can't make my own mod, right? :) For all four car chasis cameras are different, I made this... "multiscreen" presentation for only two - Reynard and Swift but the other two also has unique and realistic cams.
Also, compared to vanila cams I have changed fov in cockpit view from 50 to 45. If you don't like it, you can change this easily. With notepad. Also, I move the cam a little bit (not so little on Penske cause it was, imho, way off) down and to the front. I think reason for this "off", especially on Penske is for you to be able to see mirrors. Not bad reason, tbh. But, that's just me, I lean toward reality.
cart 98 03.jpg

"LolaT98-00_cams.cam" into:
(YOUR) Game Stock Car Extreme folder\GameData\Vehicles\CART_Extreme\1998\Lola_Teams
"PenskePC27_cams" into:
(YOUR) Game Stock Car Extreme folder\GameData\Vehicles\CART_Extreme\1998\Penske
"Reynard98_cams.cam" into:
(YOUR) Game Stock Car Extreme folder\GameData\Vehicles\CART_Extreme\1998\Reynard_Teams
"Swift009c_cams.cam" into:
(YOUR) Game Stock Car Extreme folder\GameData\Vehicles\CART_Extreme\1998\Swift_Teams

and... let them overwrite the older ones.
Don't worry, you won't miss anything from the older version.
I know, I've made them both. :)

(let's) enjoy,

shnala aka gamer19

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thx !
Wonderful improvement! I love it

Thanks. Glad you like it.

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