Honda NSX

Honda NSX 3.6.5

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This 3.0 update is a big one! It features a completely scratch-built cockpit, updated external visuals, extensively overhauled physics and sounds etc. Too many changes to list in a change log here.

The 3.0 update consists of 9 cars:
* 1992 Acura NSX
* 1994 Acura NSX
* 1994 Acura NSX (S1, fictional model)
* 1999 Acura NSX Alex Zanardi Edition
* 1991 Honda NSX
* 1997 Honda NSX (S1, fictional model)
* 1992 Honda NSX-R
* 1994 Honda NSX-R
* 1997 Honda NSX Type S-ZERO

IMPORTANT: This version requires Custom Shaders Patch (CSP), recommended version is v0.1.72 at the time of this release. The mod WILL NOT WORK in vanilla AC and is not developed for vanilla AC.

IMPORTANT: If you have 2.x version installed, please uninstall it, by deleting the acura_nsx, acura_nsx_s1, honda_nsx and honda_nsxr folders before installing version 3.0!

Notes/known issues:
* The cars currently do not have LODs (apart from LODD which is for far away situations). LODs will be added in a future update, if I have free time and if it is a necessity. And no, auto-generated LODs are not good enough :slight_smile:
* The Type S-ZERO currently does not have correct steering wheel (uses NSX-R steering wheel). This issue might be addressed in the future.
* The NSX-R's do not have transparent engine cover at the moment. This issue might be addressed in the future.
* Taillights do not have refractions.
* Skins made for pre-3.0 version of this mod are not compatible with this version.

* Siim Annuk (@Some1) -- 3D model, textures
* @Modek -- Sounds
* Arch (@Kyuubeey ) -- Physics
* Aphidgod, David Dominquez -- Older versions physics
* @A3DR, Trawa -- Additional beta-testing, feedback

You ARE NOT ALLOWED to modify this mod. Please do not contact me about permissions for mods -- I will not allow it. Enjoy the car as it was intended by Honda engineers/designers.

You ARE NOT ALLOWED to host this mod on any 3rd party website. RD is the only source for this mod and its updates.

* If you get issues with steering wheel, please disable "Output real steering forces to wheel" in FFB Tweaks section in Content Manager.

* Please do not write bug reports in the RD reviews section of this mod, it is hard to keep track.

Latest updates

  1. Version 3.6.5

    Updates physics
  2. Version 3.6

    - Changed temperature vs slip .luts (large change when drifting) - Changed load vs mu .luts...
  3. Version 3.5

    3.5.0 - Added helper spring setup to 92R, 94R, S-Zero and Zanardi - Added lookup tables and...

Latest reviews

I'm glad to say that I didn't experience any issues with the tyres and found the car extremely entertaining to drive. In particular, I love the sound when you get hard on the throttle where it sounds like an induction sound from a cold air intake. That's the best description I can think of to describe the sound. Overall fantastic stuff which is probably the reason why this is one of the most downloaded mods for AC on this site.

Here's a video I did where this car came out as the number 1 car.
They all look and sound amazing, but the physics make them undriveable. The rear of the car just loses grip randomly and after it did that, it slides as if it's on ice.

I feel like it's just the tire's that have wrong values/ are way too slippy, if that was fixes this would easily be a 5 star mod.

I prefer the mod from Jugee8 on a differernt platform, that one actually has tire options and feels way more realistic.
Don't understand the negative reviews.... This mod drives great on top of looking phenomenal and sounding amazing. Don't hesitate to download!
One of the best car mods ever made for Assetto Corsa if we conider only fidelity, variety, 3D moddeling and sound. But the truth is this is undriveable and you can't even make a race using any of the NSX versions because it will enter into boxes for no reason at the first lap.
I'm waiting for non-zero type S to be added in the future...sorry...

The tires are difficult to handle, but they are of great quality!
It's fun to see the differences in suspension for each model.
Cars are undrivable at high speeds. One of the best handling cars ever made, which beat multiple super-cars on handling alone. Can't be driven at high speed. Shame.
As many others have said here in the reviews. Visually the cars are near peerless, sound is excellent. However, the car is virtually undrivable due to insane oversteer and no rear tire grip. Switching the tires for another car's tires does not help, as another reviewer suggested. You have absolutely no confidence going into a corner because the car's rear end will overtake the front every single time. I struggle to complete a single lap in this thing without crashing. I know devs think they are being true to the original NSX, but i guarantee it never handled like this. Clarkson would have died at Laguna Seca if it did.
Excellent mod, however runs bad on my r5 1600 i dont know why really, keeps showing cpu occupancy 99% and the slowdowns are pretty annoying
The model and sound are stunning. The handling at lower speeds is really great but at higher speeds (above 160 km/h) the car becomes undriveable. First I thought it was because of the tires but after some testing I realised the AOA CL rear has a negative value (-0.18) while the front one is positive (0.01) which is neither the meassured lift coefficient of 3rd parties or Honda. It should be roughly -0.014 (front) and -0.045 (rear). This solves the strange aero behaviour. I hope this will be corrected in which case this mod would be a straigth 5/5.
Up there among the best AC mods available. So much work has been put into it over the years and I've driven most iterations of it. The NSX-R feels pretty damn close to those Nurburging videos from back in '92, especially after the tires got fixed/adjusted in the last update.

My current and only issue I hope gets fixed is that the mirrors disappear entirely when viewing the car from certain far-distance replay camera views. I tried fooling around with the LOD.ini activation points but couldn't get anything to change. Adjusting the LOD multiplier to 500% in CSP also didn't help so idk. That's really the only thing that breaks my immersion in an otherwise perfect mod.

Awesome work.
For all those who have realized that the car no longer grips properly, the wheels get hot, and you end up losing control, I advise the following:

In the content tab, search for the Honda NSX.
Under the performance section, look for the "replace tyres" tab.
Select the semi-slicks 235/30/r17 from the Mazda RX7.
Now the car will handle much better, allowing you to enter curves, but it will still drift when pushed to the limit.
When you go to make the change, a warning will pop up; please accept it. You can try with other tires, but these are the ones I believe work in the most realistic way.
Love it!
Thx for refreshing the mod
i figured i should re-review these gems. reading others' takes i feel like we aren't talking about the same mod, or there's some issue happening on their end.

this last update brings a heightened sense of confidence, and at times perceivably more bias towards understeer. ironically, they actually seem grippier across the board, and it feels like it's only the balance of front/rear grip that makes it easier to understeer in certain situations. it's a positive change across every option - the cars handle impressively within reasonable limits, oversteer is easily recoverable outside of egregious driver error, and most importantly they're a blast to lap in.

the lap times and g forces these cars are capable of speak for themselves. they can easily be overdriven, but that comes down to driver error. to be fair though, it is a huge contrast to the rails that come along with kunos "semi" slicks or "street" tires.

'Wow, it slides more than I suspected.'
'Pheeew, I'm sweating when this car slides like this!'
'The old model's rear end wasn't stable, the new model has really evolved...'
'I'm worn out.'
- Keiichi Tsuchiya

thanks again for all the work put into this beautiful collection. it's the most consistent favorite of mine, and my go-to for fun solo lapping.
Beautiful model, but handling still poor.
Its so easy to overheat the tires. Driving the car close to the limit = a lot of understeer followed up by a quick loss of traction in the rear which is almost impossible to counter-steer out of. I know mid engine cars tend to snap oversteer but with this car... good luck getting the car sideways and correcting it.

I've put several hours into driving this car (and it's variants) and they all are just unpredictable. Having it locked down doesn't help at all so... Anyways, take my review with a grain of salt but I really wanted to get this car to work. With a few tweaks this car would be fantastic but it's encrypted.
bro I don't know why I cannot load this car. The content manager can load it but in the game, when I choose this car and have a race, it can only load the track and suddenly back to the main page.
and both the honda folder and acura folder cannot open this car.
Thanks a lot if the problem is solved.
Wish the tyres will have more grip
The car is too slow, I go much faster on the gtr r32 and rx-7. It is also impossible to change tires and they heat up quickly
Excellent, but there is no model in the 1999 Zanardi edition car folder....
It uses the model from the other NSX folder, because the changes are mostly physics plus a few textures. You must install all folders!

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