Jeddah Formula 1 2022 Grand Prix Add-ons Extension (jeddah21 Version)

Jeddah Formula 1 2022 Grand Prix Add-ons Extension (jeddah21 Version) 3.0

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Update 3.0

As a lot of people request this, I finally decided to update the other Jeddah track to 2022 ! ;)

This new version comes with the new alternate layout system so you now can chose to use the original track layout or to use the 2022 or 2021 ones

All billboards are updated and relocated to their 2022 versions

This new extension also includes:
  • new animations,
  • new bridge,
  • new buildings
  • new ground textures adapted from my other jeddah extension









(from 2021 version)

Watch the video, the screenshots, everything you see is in the extension.

Update 2.0
  • All billboards updated following friday practice
  • New grounds created following friday practice
  • Animated displays on bridges (Pirelli, aramco)
  • Green and white kerbs
  • Aramco covered building
  • Emirates bridge red cover
  • Pirelli bridge yellow cover
  • Updated pits colors and textures (Paddock Club)

This extension is a full overhaul which includes all the environment for the Formula 1 2021 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix.

This extension is designed for the jeddah21 track.
Track can be found here

Installation procedure can be found at the end of this post.

A lot of add-ons including :
  • All the billboards from the 2021 F1 Grand Prix (based on F1 2021 Game locations)
  • All-new realistic brake marker with correct font (including fence markers)
  • New Pit building extension
  • A lot of new bridges
  • Fence retexture
  • Live video displays
  • DRS Zones included
  • Animated pit entry display
  • New Rolex clock model update with realtime dynamic hands and lights
  • Additional buildings lights

Install procedure :
  • always backup your track extension folder somewhere
  • Unzip the content of the file in your assetto corsa folder (overwrite files if needed)
  • if it doesn't work, you probably have a wrong version of the track or the extension folder is not where it needs to be.
Custom Shaders Patch is needed.
stFlow is required for animated display.

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    As a lot of people request this, I finally decided to update the other Jeddah track to 2022 ...
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    Update 2.0 All billboards updated following friday practice New grounds created following...
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Latest reviews

Doesn't work. All billboards and everything is white.
For those who are having issues with the 0 car popup. This is an extension of the 2021 Jeddah F1 Track; the link to the base mod is given at the bottom of the description.
Good job.
Doesn't work Same error message as others. RE: Zero Drivers
Great job! Thanks!
didn't work its telling me you cant race with 0 car
Another wonderful update, brilliant work. Thank you.
Thanks for both version of Jeddah! Great works! THANK YOU
you are the man :D
Yes!!. I love it!
Mon ami dit Merci Beaucoup - Travail fantastique sur les deux versions - à bientôt à Melbourne (virtuellement bien sûr)

My Friend says Merci Beaucoup - Fantastic job on both versions - see you at Melbourne (virtually of course)
Amazing, lets go babyy, time to go racing
Could you tell me why it shows me 2 maps?
Why are there no trackside cameras for this track?

You can't watch a replay?
thank you!
i have an error,it puts that the track is 0.9km,and when its loading it gives me an error,can someone help me pls
this kind of work helps assetto corsa feel more than just up to date.
Just take the 5 stars. Everyone knows your add-ons are fire so no reason to write a long review ^^
Continue the great work mate!
track's great

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