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  1. RcDaniel

    Monza 1930s Layout Extension 1.0

    This track required to use this mod: Download: 1. Download the track 2. Open zip file 3. Drag Monza1930s file here: \Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\tracks\ks_monza66 50 Pit...
  2. Assetto Corsa | Itala, A Pre-War Race Car | AVALIABLE FOR FREE | From @historicsimstudios

    Assetto Corsa | Itala, A Pre-War Race Car | AVALIABLE FOR FREE | From @historicsimstudios

    More info on YT's description
  3. M.T.K.

    Mexico Gran Premio 1967 redux 0.9

    IMPORTANT! You have to delete the old Mexico track folder before you Install this Version! with permission from sylence01 this is a complete rework of the Mexico GP 67. With new guardrails and physics, tire chicanery and physics, 60 cars grid, new infield of Magdalena Mixhuca new textures...
  4. GPSC

    1938 Reims-Gueux Grand Prix V0.45

    Hello everyone, Here is a new track conversion, an old French Grand Prix which took place for the first time in 1938, and it is this track that we wanted to highlight. -Original 1950 track by F1PiloteJV -Some modifications to match with 1938 track -Added earth relief -RainFX -GrassFX Enjoy !
  5. Historic Sim Studios LLC

    1934 Maserati 8CM Grand Prix v1.1

    The Historic Sim Studios team is proud to present the first of our 1934-1935 Grand Prix cars for Assetto Corsa, our 1934 Maserati 8CM. History of the Car: The 1934 Maserati 8CM was powered by a 3.0-liter supercharged straight-eight engine that could produce up to 240 horsepower. The car had a...
  6. carTOON

    Budapest Népliget 1936 2.00

  7. Abookofcolors02

    Mercedes w125 | Sound Mod + Final drive ratios 0.8

    I've been driving through a 1937 season with @mantasisg 's Mercedes w125 and decided to make a couple of small QOL updates. Sound: The original sound is (i think?) similar or the same as the auto union type c. It sounds great, but I wanted a more pronounced difference in engine note between the...
  8. 2023 Formula One Singapore Grand Prix

    2023 Formula One Singapore Grand Prix

    The European season is firmly behind us as the 2023 Formula One Singapore Grand Prix kicks off the final, flyaway leg of this year's World Championship. Who will end up on top? Image credit: Aston Martin on Newspress The summer break is done. We have now visited the last few remaining European...
  9. adrian pozuelo ruiz

    Silverstone - Sponsors Update & Redesign 1.2

    Welcome to a new edition of the yearly Sponsors adaptation! Just another year trying to make the best realistic surrounding images possible with this mod. FIRST OF ALL, IMPORTANT: You need to intstall this mod before this track sponsor mod. Changes made: Changed Aramco ground to match real...
  10. 2023 Formula One Austrian Grand Prix

    2023 Formula One Austrian Grand Prix

    A brief trip to the Americas is followed by the true European portion of the Formula One season. This weekend sees the F1 paddock form at the Red Bull Ring in the Styrian mountains for the Austria Grand Prix. Here are some stories to look out for. Image credit: Newspress Two weeks ago, Formula...
  11. 2023 Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix

    2023 Formula One Azerbaijan Grand Prix

    After a month's break, Formula One finally returns as it heads to Baku for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. A Sprint format weekend, here's all you need to know and how to watch the Baku GP. Image credit: BWT Alpine F1 Team on Newspress After a dramatic visit down under, Formula One has been away...
  12. SERG_

    ART Grand Prix 2023 | Formula RSS 2 V6 AUSTRALIA

    Car #5 | Théo POURCHAIRE Car #6 | Victor MARTINS Credits Victor Martins gloves adapted from Alpinestars Tech-1 ZX V3 by @Hoksu Circuits Used In Screenshots bahrain_2020 (Pyyer Extension) jeddah_2021_chq (Pyyer Extension) F2 2023 Collection
  13. Tyrone - Nukedrop Mods

    Southport Gold Coast - 1954 Australian Grand Prix League Edition

    1954 Australian Grand Prix The 1954 Australian Grand Prix was a motor race held at the Southport Road Circuit near Southport in Queensland, Australia on 7 November 1954. The race was held over 27 laps of the 5.7 mile (9.17 kilometre) circuit, a total distance of 153.9 miles (247.6 km). It...
  14. F1PiloteJV

    Nancy-Seichamps 1930s / Grand Prix de Lorraine 1.0.5

    ********NANCY-SEICHAMPS 1930s GP V1.0 FOR ASSETTO CORSA******** Track created from GPS data, old photos, IGN aerial view and local archives. Software : Bob's Track Builder, Google Sketchup, 3DSimED3, ZModeler2, Paint.NET, ksEditor 15 opponents max. Thanks to Noëlle Diaquin and Pascal...
  15. Fourty-Too!

    Autodrome de Miramas 1924-1932 1.0.0

    IMPORTANT NOTES: Requires CSP for layout-specific configs and for RainFX. Track should still work fine with Vanilla AC, but will be missing some visual elements in the 1926 and 1932 layouts. I think there were some flickering issues with the mountains that I fixed through config that will pop...
  16. chilenaoexiste

    Losail 2023 1.4

    If you liked this track, consider buying me a beer if you want to! ;) Welcome to Losail 2023 for AC! Located in Doha, Qatar, the Losail International Circuit is a motorcycle focused FIM Grade A and FIA Grade 1 circuit built in 2004 that hosts MotoGP races, national races and hosted the...
  17. Raymond Racing

    Fiat 805-405 Modern F1 Tyres Pack 1.0

    A basic set of textures For @Nicecuppatea's brilliant 1923 Fiat 805-405 Corsa Grand Prix car, which can be downloaded here. This texture pack includes tyre textures representing the modern Pirelli tyres we've grown to know and tolerate since 2011 in White Hard, Yellow Medium and Red Soft...
  18. emomilol

    Mantorp Park f1 Grand Prix (BETA) 0.6

    An swedich race track (in Mjölby) i have done to an f1 GP thanks for downloading the track. I've only been doing 3D for less than 1 year and I'm improving my 3d modeling skills every day so it will only get better and better.
  19. Pyyer

    Circuit Paul Ricard Formula 1 2022 French Grand Prix Add-ons Extension 1.2

    All my mods can be found here : Get exclusive previews of all upcoming extensions : Please remember these new layouts I provide you all weeks take a lot of work and time so please if you like it you...
  20. Pyyer

    Red Bull Ring Formula 1 2022 Austrian Grand Prix Add-ons Extension 1.1

    All my mods can be found here : Get exclusive previews of all upcoming extensions : Please remember these new layouts I provide you all weeks take a lot of work and time so please if you like it you...

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