Jordan-Honda EJ11 F1

Jordan-Honda EJ11 F1 1.2

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Jordan EJ11 (2001) by SATLAB


The shark is back ;)
I'm proud to present to you my very first F1 car mod: the Jordan EJ11 from the 2001 season.
Even if this car has not even got a podium during its lifetime, it takes a special place in my heart as one of the most beautiful F1 car ever made.

The vehicle has a Honda RA001E 3.0l v10 engine (over 800bhp), 7 speed gearbox and a very high downforce profile.

I tried to replicate a slightly oversteery behaviour, as it is witnessed by several onboard videos.


The model itself is as accurate as possible. Surely some parts could have been realized in a better way... I went over my abilities trying to apply what I learnt about 3D modelling during these 6 months of apprenticeship. Maybe too many polygons... I overused turbosmooth on some parts. But don't worry, lower lods have been created.

What's in this mod:

  • Accurate 3D model based on the early season carshape
  • 4 different activatable visual aerodynamic parts:​
    • Front high downforce configuration​
    • Rear high downforce configuration​
    • Nosecam​
    • Monaco body wing (used irl during FP)​
  • Animated wings and suspensions​
  • All the 2001 jordan car skins:​
    • Tobacco (Benson & Hedges)​
    • No Tobacco (Bitten Heroes)​
    • USA 9/11 tribute​
    • J Alesi 200GP​
Because of texture optimization, no skin template will be ever available for this mod.


A big thanks to @BlackToof for the helmets skins which I used as a basis.

Making a mod from scratch by yourself it's a very hard work, if you liked it and you want to support me for future mods or offer me a beer (or an espresso) you can donate at the following links:

(Moreover... my gpu card almost died because of this car ahah)


Hope you will enjoy this beauty :)

Please if you notice some bug or glitches contact me in the discussion section of the mod. Do not write any question/report in the review section.


1. Copy the "content" folder from the compressed downloaded file into your assetto corsa directory.

Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa

2. Enjoy it :)


3D Model: SATLAB
Textures: SATLAB & Kunos (for the Bridgestone tyre sides)
Animations: SATLAB
Phyisics: SATLAB
Sounds: SimonTek (SATLAB for the old one)
Helmets: BlackToof, improved and adapted by SATLAB

Latest updates

  1. Important Update - New Sounds & more

    This is a very important update since a lot of you asked for a better engine sound. Thankfully...
  2. Gloves & Suit update

    Just a small visual update. I added the official suit and gloves from the jordan drivers. They...
  3. Hotfix - skins & physics update

    Hi guys! Here it is an important update which brings some important fixes. - Physics update...

Latest reviews

Monaco wing is very impressive! thanks for the absolute masterpiece!
Fun car and challenging! Hope to see the rest of the 2001 cars.
Awesome Work!
My favorite car on AC - EVER !!! EJ11 is fantastic, sending you beers.
Can't believe I forgot to rate this one.
You can see this was a passion project, it is amazing. Especially knowing this was almost entirely a solo project!
Can't wait for you patentwagen!
Did some angry laps of the Nurburgring GP
Nice work
This is a labor of love. Great job.
I made a hotlap to who want to see this car in action:
Beautiful car, great feeling to drive, well made and great attention to detail.
this is absolutely awesome, amazing detail and driving experience... just brilliant
Absolutely fantastic mate, this is a masterpiece ! great work !
This absolutely nails the oversteery nature of early 2000's f1. It slips exactly the way you would expect it to and its a blast to drive.
one of my favorite f1 cars. it is enjoyable because there is a lot of play at the limit, the car usually doesnt snap oversteer for no reason, it is very enjoyable to control this car through the corners
Really nice, one of my favourite F1 cars. Just a couple of things - the Benson & Hedges livery should say 'Bensons' on the nose instead of 'Benson'. If possible a more realistic Honda engine note would be good, but this is a free mod. Overall superb.
Una pasada excelente trabajo y el ruido de los f1 autenticos enhorabuena
Muchas gracias :)
Good Satlab mod, I really like the handling, and the car looks very good, it has a lot of quality. The only thing that doesn't quite convince me is the sound, I've changed it for another mod, but in general I think you've done a great job. Here is a video in the style of the time:
One of the best ever Assetto mods I've downloaded at RD - RSS//VRC/URD quality...

Great job!
Simply Awesome! well done.

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