Fiat Panda 900 i.e. (1992)

Fiat Panda 900 i.e. (1992) 1.2

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Fiat Panda 900 i.e. - Assetto Corsa Mod by SATLAB (1.2)


I'm proud to present to you a car which I'm very fond. The Fiat Panda 900 car mod brings to you all the "panda" experience in Assetto Corsa. This car is very famous in Italy, in particular the first generation which was produced from 1980 to 2003.

It is a FWD car, with a 5-speed gearbox and a 45 bhp engine (903), designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and Aldo Mantovani.

What's in this mod:

  • Realistic Fiat Panda 900 3D model based on the offical blueprints by Fiat
  • Physics based on real data (thanks to the official garage manual)
  • Animated front suspensions and wipers
  • 10 different colors based on the real life Fiat Panda colors
  • 6 extra fictional racing skins (MOMO and Davia skins are based on the Japanese Fiat Panda Cup)

What's next?

The car needs some extra work to be at his "full pontetial". In the next months I'll surely release some updates. This is my "to-do" list:

  • Animated doors
  • Dirt, scratches and damage textures
  • Improved LODs
  • More racing skins

This is also my first "built from scratch" mod :)

Making a mod from scratch is a very hard work, if you liked it and you want to offer me a beer (or an espresso)
you can donate at the following link:




1. Copy the "content" folder from the compressed downloaded file into your assetto corsa directory.

Example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa

2. Enjoy it :)


1. Download Content Manager for a better experience not only with my mod but also with AC in general.

2. If you want to setup a "panda sunday cup" grid only with panda racing liveries I suggest you this setting in CM single player race menu:

a. Click on "Drive" (top-right) ---> "Single" (top-left) ---> "Quick"

b. Select "Race"

c. In the "candidates" cloumn make sure that only "Fiat Panda 900" is selected.

d. Click on the three coloumned dots icon at the left of the "+" icon, on the top-right of the "Candidates" coloumn

e. Check "true" every checkbox you see and set Car variety limit: off & Arrange way: Shuffle

-TEMPLATES----------------------------------------------- Be creative :) The best skins will be included in the future release of the mod!!! (Share them on RD so I can see them)

I've included also the livery templates to allow everyone to make their own personal skins on this "beauty". DO NOT REMOVE THE AO & BRIGHTNESS LEVELS (or your car will look like a cartoon box)

Here it is a little explaination about every template file:

1. car_paint.psd : Left & Right of the car (SAVE FILE FORMAT: PNG)

2. car_paint_2.psd : Top, Back and skirts (SAVE FILE FORMAT: PNG)

The next two files are not mandatory for the skin editing but I've included them if anyone want to change also the color of these parts (similarly to the MOMO & FIAT skins)

3. grey.psd : Front grille and other stuff... I suggest to use it only for the front grille colour.
I already set up a simple "color overlay" option to help you; you just need to pick up your desired color for the grille. (SAVE FILE FORMAT: DDS !!!!!!!!!)

4. parafanghi_post001_ao : front & rear bumpers color... if you desire to change the bumpers color. (SAVE FILE FORMAT: DDS)

If you want to make your own car plate all you need to do is to create a 605 x 137 PNG image (this will be your car plate image file) and save it as "targhe-italiane.png".
To see an example check the racing liveries in the "skins" folder. (remember to include also an empty bump map, as you can see in the racing skins folders! Or your car plate will have a bump map with the original car plate letters&numbers "AC 995 SL")


3D Model: SATLAB
Animations: SATLAB
Physics: SATLAB (based on the official Fiat Panda garage manual available here)
Sound: Kunos (Audi Sport quattro s1)

Un dedica speciale a tutti i fan della Panda in Italia che tengono ancora viva la passione per questa piccola bestiola :)

Wallpaper (2).jpg

Wallpaper (7).jpg

Wallpaper (5).jpg
Wallpaper (3).jpg

Some videos made by 7Skidoo & Virus Kan:

Latest updates

  1. Hotfix - Aids fix and 3D model improvements

    - Fixed a bug with automatic transmission and TC . Now it should be fine also for aids-on...
  2. Real Mirrors fix & New Skins

    Quick update which is very important for those of you who are using CSP with Real Mirrors ON...
  3. fix collider

    Little fix on the collider (which was too low) as reported by @7Skidoo

Latest reviews

I LOVE old quirky cars, we need more mods like these!
it feels like a panda and the liveries are nice
Very nicely done, it's a lot of fun.
Great car, not the fastest but the most fun
What a great joy to find and drive again my first ever car bought second hsnd in 1984: a cream color Panda 40!
Many thanks for doing it and sharing here at RD.
Looks are on-point and driving feel is great; now all it needs is an appropriate sound-set and this car will be perfect.
4 stelle perchè fare delle curve ai 90km/h con una precisione simile... non è da fiat panda, ma soprattutto per l'audio, quello è un 5 cilindri da come suona!
Basta leggere la descrizione. Il suono è di una delle auto della Kunos e non è stato sviluppato.
Per le curve considera che il comportamento è stato semplificato anche per rendere l’auto più divertente da guidare in gioco.
I love having small city cars in sims, and this one is very well made.
Nice to have those kind of models in AC. Slow, but fun to drive
amazing car, i did a championship on srs with it and it was wonderful, lots of good races :D
my old Car ;)
I love cars like this! Mod is just lovely :)
This is such a fun mod, I love it! Despite it only having 45 bhp this mod gives as much of a challenge as any higher class race car, it's just a different one. This looks fantastic and drives just as well. Bravo Bellisima. Check out my short on it from my Modvent series.
Awsome but the sounds are a little bit awful.
Best FIAT ever if you ask me
I loved it, graphically I think it is perfect, the handling is very good, the sound maybe can be improved, but in general I think it is magnificent. I have made a video I hope you like it ;)
Woah magnificent video man :) It reminds me of the Top Gear reviews (with the cinematic intros). Nice job and thank you very much!
The car is pretty good, custom sound would improve the experience a lot.
Thanks! I’m workin’ on it, not so easy to find good quality recording of this car engine
Manca padre Pio sul cruscotto ed è perfetta :D

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