Kakucs Ring

Kakucs Ring 0.95

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Kakucs Ring is a short racetrack in Hungary. Originally built as a gokart track, but used by many disciplines.

The cone barriers separating the layouts can be completely rearranged by editing the model.ini file, please see the readme map for further instructions.

Please delete the older version before installing this one.

Known bugs:
-Time Attack mode doesn't work, game returns to main menu
-Bump on the inside line at the last corner
-Some character models need further work




Latest updates

  1. Just a repack for easier handling

    As the title says :)
  2. All layouts, overall visual improvements

    Further patches correcting minor bugs will arrive soon

Latest reviews

stellar track but on one of the versions the ai just can't handle it lol
Nagyon szép munka. Imádom az apró részleteit. Great Job u have to try it.
Like it
i like it
Hali arra tudnál mondani valamit, miért van hogy a játék fel ismeri a pályát, látom is mindet viszont amikor el indítom vissza dob a menübe ahol kocsit/pályát kell választani... :S
What a discovery this has been. I love this track, so fun with a Formula Student car
Great work and nice track
Thank you ;)
big thanks
greatings from hungary :)
Great track. Thank you :)

It could do with a little more optimisation. I have a pretty beast PC and still get a few stutters, most noticeably when facing toward the pit area. Hope this can be fixed for version 1.0 :)
wow azt rwmélem hogy nem csak nemem jutott eszembe hogy körül menyek a pályán az eastar egg magyon jój (laptiming tesla)
Hi, I like it so much this track, I enjoy testing Cars at low speed, And the texture update, now I have an issue, a red sky at night time, which CSP version is needed?
I think the red sky is a CSP version related issue. On the red sky it actually says that you need or higher version of CSP.
Fantastic opportunity to have such a niche track available on AC in such a great quality! Thank you for all the effort put into this!
Soma, 2 x 5 Star :)
great fun to drive and also nice cyber truck;)

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4.88 star(s) 52 ratings

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