Kemora Circuit

Kemora Circuit 1.0.3

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Built in 1983 and rebuilt in 1987. The total length is 2,7 kilometers. Located in Veteli, Finland.
Scratch-build based on LiDAR data.

Track Features
  • 30 Pit boxes
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • Track Map
  • TV Cameras
  • 3D grass (high, very high, maximum levels)
  • CSP GrassFX support out of the box

  • Track marshals (Nobby76 and Rigel)
  • 3D People (Lemax)
  • Pit building and footbridge (Juise)
  • TV cameras (Leonardo Ratafiá)







Latest updates

  1. 1.0.3

    Added track marshal position to T6 Adjusted GrassFX settings Flattened T1 exit kerb Remodeled T1...
  2. 1.0.2

    NOTE: It is advised to remove old track folder when updating from v1.0.1 to v1.0.2 Added...
  3. 1.0.1

    Added 50m and 100m brake markers for T2 and T6 Added billboards to grandstand Fixed UI geotags...

Latest reviews

Excellent job! I felt like I was driving in the real one. Thank you!
Technical and fun track. Very well done.
This is something of an overlooked gem for me, even though Jaasu's name alone is a sign of quality. The layout is just nice and flowing, and even the fastest cars work well. I have been having fun here in RSS Formula Hybrid 2020's as well as their other openwheelers, and it's a surprisingly good fit. A couple of fast kinks calling for courage, a couple long ones calling for patience, nice camber. Simple yet versatile.
Nice track, i discovered with your mod ! Thanks
Fairly technical circuit well made.
Preview link
Thanks mate.
your paypal button ain't workin mate
Good work! Thanks!
Fantastic work, thank you!
thank you great track!
Very nice
Fantastic work!
This is an excellent track. A few fast corners and then a really great technical section. It's great for driving either slow or really fast cars on it. I really love it, thanks Jaasu for your work.
Well crafted track with nice objects throughout, big thumbs up!!!
Good work!
Gracias =)
Really fun track, perfect for small open wheelers. Thanks for your work in Finnish Lands!
Perfect. One of the best small track mods for Assetto Corsa.
Amazing, now Keimola please :P
Finally, my "home" track in AC! Also one of the few tracks I've driven in a real car, last time was a few months back. I did a quick test session in AC and felt at home immediately. The track itself is perfect, of course there are always more details that can be added in the surroundings (objects, vegetation), but it is very good so far.

Do you plan to add the short (jokkis/Asfalttikunkku) layout?
I have done work adding bushes at least around pond to not make it feel so open and empty area, not quite happy with the results yet so these will be added later.
I was actually going to add the shorter (jokkis) layout for initial release but got some issues with AI and pretty much scrapped it. Maybe I'll add it later, not sure.

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