Ahvenisto Race Circuit

Ahvenisto Race Circuit 1.1.5

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The legendary Ahvenisto “Appara” Circuit in Hämeenlinna, Finland. Scratch-build track based on LiDAR data.​

The construction of Ahvenisto Race Circuit was finished on July 15, 1967. The circuit is 2,840 metres long. It features a total elevation change of 32 metres, its main straight is 280 metres in length and its width varies between 9 metres and 17 metres. Its elevation changes, short or sometimes inexistent run-off areas, and numerous fast bends have led to some to suggest that it is the hardest and most dangerous race track in Finland. (Wikipedia).

Official lap record stands at 1:13.226 by Marko Nevalainen in a Formula Three car. Unofficial lap time by Formula One World Champion Keke Rosberg managed an unofficial lap record of 1:10.000 during his 1984 show run in a Williams FW08C Formula 1 car. (Wikipedia).

Track Features:
  • 30 pit boxes
  • Track map and corner names
  • Physical road mesh
  • 3D grass for High, Very High and Maximum settings
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • TV cameras
  • Time Attack mode support
  • CSP GrassFX & VAO patch

  • Track marshalls (Nobby76 and Rigel)
  • 3D People (Lemax)









Latest updates

  1. 1.1.5

    Added short asphalt area to extend T2, T6 and T10 exit kerb Fixed some texture issues on...
  2. 1.1.4

    Fixed overbright 3D grass "Old" 3D grass flowers are now visible when GrassFX is enabled
  3. 1.1.3

    Minor fixes and changes

Latest reviews

I found a bug, right after the bridge I can turn right after the wall on a small paveway and get down to the track bypassing 3 turns and gaining 20 seconds at least.

The circuit is wonderful though.
Great track, gonna race it more.
amazing track, accurate to real one
great track! Nice work! I love it
Here it is a lap!
Cool the old Ahvenisto...looks good!
Thanks for sharing!
Excellente piste et beauté garantie ! Cependant il n'y a pour ma part que 17 pits réels, au delà tous les véhicules viennent percuter le hangar en face(?)
Excellent track with hills, challenging corners and very nice graphics also. The grass looks almost real for example. The track is very suitable for classic cars.
NetKar Pro track for AC,thank you so much.
Kiitos paljoin Jaasu sinun työsta tehdä tämän mukava kilpa rata.
Excellent work!
Very compete track, and a load of fun to drive.
Highly recommend!
Excellent implementation. Spent hours and hours driving this with a Veloster N mod and eventually brought my i30 Fastback N to this very track irl. Wouldn't dare to push same lap times with my own car (not saying I would be even able to match my sim lap times even if I tried), but definitely felt like home right away from the first lap. :)
A unique, fun track faithfully recreated! The races are always eventful, and the elevation changes make every corner its own kind of challenge.
Helkkarin hienoa että Suomi on Assetossa edustettuna ja vielä tosi laadukkailla modeilla, hyvä homma!
One of my favorite tracks.
One of the funniest combo of track and car


Thanks for your work!
hyvää työtä jaasu (:
I am never really immersed in night driving in sims. But this is one of the few that hits the perfect feel. Quality.
great track, very interesting
big thanks

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