Kinnekulle Ring

Kinnekulle Ring 0.81

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Scratch made Kinnekulle Ring for Assetto Corsa

Version 0.8



Location: Götene, Sweden
Length: 2072m

"The site was originally a military base producing fuel for the navy ships during the Second World War. Shale oil extraction created several mine shafts, while the slag heaps formed the undulating contours on which the circuit would later be built. In the 1950s the underground galleries between the shafts were used for growing mushrooms.

Private investor Håkan Knutsson bought the site, initially extracting lime to sell to local farms. He had plans to build a fishing lake but, for reasons lost in the mists of time, decided instead to build a motor racing circuit. The new track opened in 1969 and quickly acquired a skid pan and slippery surface driving course – the first in Sweden – using water pumped from one of the mineshafts.

The track is relatively short and features a swooping section which passes under a bridge, runs around a loop and then passes back under the same bridge, creating a bottle-neck configuration. The average speeds are relatively high, though there with no significant straights, the circuit places a premium on handling and traction, rather than engine power.

In 1973 came the circuit's one and only international event, when it hosted a round of the European Formula 2 championship. That season saw the calendar divided into 'basic' and 'complementary' races, enabling Sweden to actually host three events, the Kinnekulle round being a complementary event, which necessarily had some impact on the size of the field. Nevertheless, Jochen Mass raced from pole position to victory in a Surtees, setting fastest lap along the way. The following year the calendar was organised on much more standard lines and the Kinnekulle round remained a one-off.

Since then, the track has settled into a successful life (under new ownership since 2011) as a venue for club and national racing, rallycross and as a year-round driver training facility.



Track Features

  • Scratch made objects and terrain
  • Track map
  • AI (wip)
  • A few track cameras
  • CSP support and config with 3d Grass and Rain/Puddles (should hopefully work without CSP aswell)

Few things im planning next (Missing in 0.8)

  • More bumpy/interesting track surface and terrain
  • Further work on materials/textures
  • Missing buildings and remake of older ones
  • Detailed Pit area
  • Rallycross Layout
  • And More

Feel free to give suggestions and criticism, especially if you have visited the track in real life

Hope to give you more updates soon!

Thank you everyone who helped and motivated me :thumbsup: (hi malöver)



Latest updates

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  3. 0.8

    New version coming soon :)

Latest reviews

Amazing rebuild of the track. Looks great and its a great drive.
Now it desperately needs some good cams to show it off in style.

Excellent job!
This track is even more exciting and still absolutely loving it. Can't thank BlueKnightTracks enough.
The 0.3 version is more realistic and complete than 90% of the tracks I have in 1.0 versions. Keep up the good work! It's really impressive!
Thank you!
Excellent job! Really happy to see someone doing a modern version of this beautiful track! Looking very much forward to the coming updates.
Tack! :D
great job man! could you pls add rallycross layout?
This tracks keeps getting better! Thankl you a lot and congrats! I'¡ll be keepin an eye on future updates as your work is getting better at every update! Cheers
A great track for the vintage cars
Really technical track that truly live up to the real one.

Hats of to the creator, can tell you have an eye for details and the atmosphere and track dynamics is really good!

Being Swedish, I am bias, but i am so much looking forward to net update :D

Snyggt jobbat och tack så mycket!
Having troubles starting this awsome track. The game crashes after start and content manager gives me a lot of errors that might have something to do with it..

Any ideas? :)

Excellent work! I just drove there the other day and the model is very close.
The track is great overall and it looks promising as a first release from you, but as you mentioned in the description there is a few elevations that needs some correction. I've driven a couple of thousand laps here IRL and know the track quite well. Great job and I'm really looking forward to the next update! :)
Cool! thanks alot, feel free to message me if you have more suggestions or want to try out future changes and give feedback
Amazing track, and considering that I am Swedish, it is extra fun with a Swedish track.
The only downside I have noticed is that there does not seem to be a finish line, I drove several laps but time just kept ticking.

(This is my first comment and first rating on RD, and you deserve it)
Great! ill look into that problem and see if i can recreate it, many thanks
This is the third version of the track in AC (iirc) and it's certainly on the way to become the best one. Already enjoying the drive, thanks for making/sharing ;-)
Well done for 0.1. The track has a great layout, short and easy to remember but very technical. Glad to have bumped into this one! The road bumps out of the pits and that same part of s/f straight might be a bit too rough, but it's not so horrible even in powerful cars.
I don't know if I understood your plans correctly, and if it is now realistic or not, but if you do plan on smoothing it out and with different modern curbs or something like that, please include this version as a separate layout, like an 'older and rougher' version of the track. ;)
Thank you for the feedback! ill make sure its not flat as an ironing board, it will have some bumps like in real life :)
Already great work ! Many thanks

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