1. Jamieb2005

    Playmat, big city [assetto corsa track] V0.5

    A track inspired by an Instagram post. Post bottom of description Under this post a whole bunch of people where asking for a track mod of this idea so i started to work on it. Current layouts: - Free Roam All updates will still be posted on my reddit for now...
  2. M

    Norisring AI + Sidelines + AI Hints 1.2

    Hey everyone! Description Here's my AI racing line for the Norising (norisring v3.23 by Rainmaker, upd. by Gunnar333). I mainly created these lines for Formula Regional cars but works for other categories too! Track: I tried to reduce...
  3. chilenaoexiste

    Domqera International Circuit 1.0.2

    If you liked this track, consider buying me a beer! ;) Welcome to the Domqera International Circuit for AC! A 5.402KM Grade 1 desert circuit with 3 car layouts and one kart track, built for top level racing. The track is a fictional circuit designed and built from scratch by me over the...
  4. S

    Meta tracks

    I am getting a little frustrated. There are so many diff versions of the same tracks now, ACU versions, fenryr versions, ACC port versions. etc. People making skin upgrades for ACU, Fenryr, kunos. I have 351 tracks in my AC, Quite a few are doubles of the well known circuits. Its hard to find...
  5. SRD Shredder

    Tracks Deroni Circuit

    SRD Shredder submitted a new resource: Deroni Circuit - Fast anti-clockwise circuit with lots of elevation. Read more about this resource...
  6. SRD Shredder

    Deroni Circuit 0.411

    The original Deroni Circuit was built in the 1960's, right at the same time the open wheeler divisions were starting to become popular. Endurance racing has also been here since the beginning, with annual 10 an 16 hour races being held over the course of a few weekends. Going into the late...
  7. alexwong10101001

    Making my first track 2024-05-07

    this is a random track, I have ever made.
  8. M

    Infiniti G37 Coupe PerformanceOverLooks Trim 1.1

    YOU NO LONGER NEED TO INSTALL A TUNE FOR THIS CAR TO PERFORM PROPERLY. PLEASE DELETE THE OLD TUNE IF YOU HAVE IT, OR MAKE SURE YOU DON'T LOAD IT! This car is a tuned version of the IPL G Coupe found at assetto-db . I've tuned this car to represent my real life car, as shown on the TikTok...
  9. Rainmaker_87

    Maikita Roads 1.0

    This old fashioned NFS styled fantasy track was made by ceSniper for rFactor in 2012. It was converted to Assetto Corsa by Rainmaker. Features: -competitive AI -replay cameras by DaBaeda -working track map -support for hot lap mode -support for time attack mode -24 pit boxes with working pit...
  10. Rainmaker_87

    Potrero De Los Funes 2.4

    One of the most beautiful tracks in the world! Drive a spectacular track set around a water reservoir in the volcanic hills above San Luis in Argentina. I'm very happy to have this wonderful track now in my portfolio. This is a full update of the track made by Tibor Beke (sylence01), so you...
  11. AATR

    Nemuno žiedas (New Neman Ring) – Kaunas 1.0

    Hi All, The redesign of the famous Neman Ring, a circuit opened in the 1960s in Lithuania, which unfortunately never took the international stage as it has been considered unsafe. Respecting the original concept and the forestry environment, the new layout is FIA Grade-1 and it features the...
  12. mouzerofficial

    St. Petersburg Street Circuit 1.1

    The 2024 St. Petersburg Grand Prix street circuit, built from the ground up for Assetto Corsa. Many long nights and a thoroughly annoyed Girlfriend later, this track has careful attention to detail to retain the fundamental elements of Bayshore drive, while keeping performance in mind. This...
  13. AATR

    Fairy Castle Circuit – Dublin 1.0

    Hi All, A unique fictional track on a hillside just outside Dublin, facing the Fairy Castle site. It is a roller-coasting track, with sudden and continuous elevation changes, blind corners and banking variations, exploiting the topographical nature of the area. Many corners changes from uphill...
  14. M

    Tracks Custom Surfaces: The Car Falls From The Track When I Drive On Them

    Hello everyone, I need for help agian......I tried to make a racetrack in Blender for Assetto Corsa with custom surfaces (colored run off areas, gravel run off areas) and I converted for an in game test and this happened Here something wrong but I dont know what....... And this is an other...
  15. DrZepto

    Motosu-michi Touge 1.0

    Thank you all for your continued support, I'm excited to announce the release of Motosu-michi Touge! As well as, a short cinematic video to showcase the track! Motosu-michi Touge is my longest track yet, measuring 5.0km! Inspired by the real location in Japan situated along Route 300...
  16. Andreas Knöpke

    Nords: which car 1st & why!

    Simple as can be: Wots ya car of choice that u r gonna hit Nords wiv 1st and why? Shoot! :D
  17. DeathStroke

    Good Year Tires effects & GTE Gen 2 / IndyCars FFB

    Hello guys ! We have tried a lot of cars and tracks with a friend (from DLC and free content) and we have noticed that lots of cars with Good Year tires seems to be broken regarding the track effect and more than that some content as GTE Gen 2 and some IndyCar series seems to have no efficient...
  18. legionofracers

    Singapore Highway Project 0.1.1

    Hello everyone! From the team that brought you the Orchard Road Street Circuit, Semanggi Interchange Street Circuit, and Kuala Lumpur Street Circuit, here comes the Singapore Highway Project! This massive project is a free roam map that will span across the Island Nation of Singapore. From...
  19. Rock97

    Skin Fiorano 2024 (for Luis Barata's version) 1.0

    This is an overhaul skin for the "Circuito de Fiorano 2023" track made by @Luis Barata . I tried my best to match real life colors based on some Youtube videos, changed trees textures, improved a bit some buildings textures and changed all sponsors with actual ones. Also, I've set garage lights...
  20. AATR

    Circuito Internacional Los Parisi – Maracaibo 1.0

    Hi All, This is a redesign of the Autodromo Los Parisi, very important in the country particularly for its drag strip. The circuit has been revamped with two layouts, suitable for all categories. The main track adds a faster final sector and a couple of overtaking spots to the original layout...

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