Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota

Lamborghini Diablo SE30 Jota 1.2

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Latest updates

  1. New tires + physics improvements, visual stuff too

    DELETE OLD FOLDER BEFORE INSTALLING! CSP 1.60 RECOMMENDED. Changelog v1.2 Visuals Adjusted...
  2. Visual + physics updates, plus CSP extension settings.

    v1.1 changelog: Physics: Revised tires Adjusted the inertia boxes Recalculated the brake...
  3. Hotfix for 1.0

    LOD tires dissapearing bug fixed

Latest reviews

Hey Alberto, I really love the car and the quality is top notch! Is there any way for us to enable the paint shop within CM? Please?
Excellent work! love the cars.
The interior really gets me on this car! Amazing work with the textures, the contrast makes it feel real on a whole other level! GREAT JOB !!
handles great and the sound is so good. can be a tricky car to control especially because the brakes lock up easily, but that just adds to the enjoyment when you finish a race without mistakes. great mod
Good handling and gfx on high level
Such a great car, especially on semislicks. It shows its age but with modern tires it can definitely keep up with much newer cars. I assume the reviewers complaining about the brakes are using the stock 90s tires, because I had no issues with the brakes on semislicks. It's very rewarding to drive because you can push it very hard and it stays preditable. I managed to set a 2:19.161 on Suzuka (for reference, my best lap in the Kunos 911 GT3 RS is 2:17.330).
I don't think those brakes are so weak! There're too weak. I mean even weaker than in real car. The man who did the physics, is he aware about what he's doing. And the understeer is a bit too much. I know there's an understeer, but not that much. Please, adjust these 2 things only a bit. In real life you couldn't sell such a car.
Brilliant in every way, thanks for this amazing addition to the game.
Good work !
Fantasticcaly made car! Oozing character. This is not your little Miata so it doesn't drive like one. This is a heavy, powerful, roaring 90s supercar :)
this mod is amazing good job
Beast of a car, thanks for adding it to the game.
This is The definition of an excellent mod. Truly an epic car very well brought into the world of Assetto Corsa. Plus, I'm a HUGE NFS3&4 fan, so this is basically my childhood summed up in 1 car here.
Thank you a thousand times for this smashing hit work!
Thanks a lot for this awesome Lambo.
Great mod, love it, thank you :)
surprisingly fast compared to countach but with same braking ability, never crashed so much , still love the car
And it's an improvement on the VT when it comes to braking, but in the end is more of a GT than a track car, most likely the Diablo GT was the real improvement, when Audi took over.
Amazing as always
Lots of understeer! Great modelling on the car
Love it :D Reminds me of diablo sv on the roof :D what tracks are used in this trailer any good ones? :D

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