NFS Tournament Class B

NFS Tournament Class B 1.6

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Dodge Viper RT/10 created by Alberto Daniel Russo
Thanks to @Ph0b0s for this amazing video


Fog lamps and hardtop optional can be turned on and off from the setup screen under "accessories" tab.
Find templates here:

- Physics by Jason Coates (@aphidgod)
- Beta testing by @CobraCat , @9kret9 and @Phoenix77
- Gauges texture by @9kret9
- Sound samples from official Kunos cars
- Special thanks to Michael Puckett @ Viper's Club of America for the help and reference from his RT/10
- No damage textures (bettter played with damage turned off)

Corvette ZR-1 v0.9 by Siim Annuk (@Some1)
- Physics by Jason Coates (@aphidgod)
- Sound samples from official Kunos cars
- Current version (0.9) is missing LODs



Porsche 911 (993) Carrera & Carrera 4 by Alberto Daniel Russo

- Physics by Jason Coates (@aphidgod)
- Original sounds by @IMrIMike
- Gauges texture by @9kret9
- Beta testing by @CobraCat
- No damage textures (bettter played with damage turned off)



Click here if you'd like to donate something for my work:

Latest updates

  1. TIre update + paint shaders

    Quick update on new tire physics on all cars from @aphidgod, and adjusted paint shader settings...
  2. Hot fix, Vette had the old tires on it and other minor fixes.

    Just.. that.
  3. Big physics update + visual improvements and fixes

    DELETE OLD FOLDERS BEFORE INSTALLING THIS VERSION CSP 1.60 recommended v1.5 changelog Physics...

Latest reviews

Stunning work. The 993 Carrera is so amazing. Everything is spot on, even the Cashmere interior. Can't thank you enough.
I love the Viper, very detailed and is actually very fast around corners
Thanks very much for your work. This choice clearly shows passion for great cars in a great game back in the days.
-If somebody want to check this great Dodge Viper on video before download you can check on my YT channel here :)
That Vette CR-1 feels so great. Fun fact is that I have driven several of my fastest laps with that Vette. It drives so nicely and it picks up pace so fast. And with motion sim it is easily it the top10 of the best feeling and behaving chassis I have driven (from the motion sim point of view). I can feel the suspension working, when braking. That Vette gives most realistic feeling with motion sim.
I bought this game on CD-Rom. Man, that was pushing the limit on my Pentium 90 Mhz.
At that time still steered with a joystick.
The best thing was the police with their sayings when they managed to stop you.
"Hey, hey, hey. I think a UFO just overtook me."
Still think this Need for Speed is the best part of the whole series.
merci beaucoup
Nice work with sound ! Thamk You ...
Tremendous attention to detail, and the sounds and the physics... All in all it's a must have!
trust me, I REALLY wanted to like this mod. Maybe it's me, but all these cars understeer like pigs and can't turn whatsoever. If there is something I need to change to fix this let me know
There's always the discussion thread open if you want to talk about your experience with these cars and what can be improved from your point of view. Obviously you're the only one experiencing this problem after all these years, so yes, "it's you".
Amazing cars; even better quality than Kunos. I can't get enough of the Viper.
awesome !
Absolutely great pack of cars! The quality is simply amazing! They are all gorgeous to look at and a blast to drive... On one note, though, the v1.6 changed the C4 sound? The old one sounded better imo...
Excellent mod!
Great work. fun to drive. But the Porsche can't compete with the Viper and the Corvette, aren't they all same class B?
5 Stars for you by far one og the best mods for AC, but unfortunately i have no braking light, only ther little one in the middle in the Viper
Thanks, but please use the "Ask a question" button to report that issue, most likely you don't have CSP installed or some older version than the one I recommended.
It says it's v1.5 in the json, but on A***land it says v1.6 in that json. Probably a clerical error, just an fyi.

Latest News

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