Maserati Tipo 61 "Birdcage"

Maserati Tipo 61 "Birdcage" 2.1

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Maserati Tipo 61 "Birdcage"

A little gift for the community.
All scratch built with some blueprints ( really wrong ) and a lot of different photos as a reference.

Every one of the 16 cars built is slightly different, so take it as a "standard". Interior is modeled using a single photo as a reference, so something can be a little wrong this time.

Brand new 3d model, way better and more accurate than the first. All LODS included, all mapped.
Brand new Physics.
Brand new Sound.

As usual, big thanks to @luathas for some fine details, like fantastic tire mapping, engraved spinners, and some tweaks in INIs.
And big thanks to @Andy-R for the majority of cool historic skins.


Latest updates

  1. 2.1

    Just a small update. Tires sensitivity tweaked, now the car is more stable and driveable even...
  2. 2.0 Update, a brand new car

    To cut a long story short... Brand new 3d model, way better and more accurate than the first...
  3. Release 1.0

    First 1.0 release. Added first lod, others still WIP. Suspensions and tyres tweaked. Driving...

Latest reviews

A beautiful car but I've found it to be nearly undriveable. There's so little rear grip that even moderate acceleration gives snap oversteer. That very well could be due to my driving style but it's something to keep in mind imo.
Excelent, it's a pleasure to drive. Thanks.
Such a cool car, If you ever want to see the real one it sits in the Rev's Institute in Naples Florida. Probably the most incredible car collection in the world and its open to the public.
Incredibile. Please can you make the Citröen DB spider 1945
To be honest i wasn't enjoying the driving of 1st version of this car, but now it's pure joy. Love the way the suspension articulates in some corners, straightening the car up just with a touch of throttle and applying right amount of steer at the right moment. Brilliant stuff! Big fan or your cars recently.
Nice =)
Thanks for constantly Improving your Free Mods!
wonderful job Great
This is art!
Superb 3D model, really great immersion and fun. Like with the GTAm and Cooper, your quality work is impressive.

Since no one of us knows really how this beast drives IRL, I don't mind extracting data and tweaking it a bit to my liking. After all, a vintage car is often an interpretation anyway. That said it's very fun to drive as it is.

Thanks for your skills, effort, time spent and overall, thanks for sharing your passion with us.
nice =/
As much as I liked the first version - this is even better!!! Thank You very much! Great improvement with the sound also.
what a pleasure to drive this stunning masterpiece. Thank you sooo much !
Thank for perfecting this already almost prefect mod. Thank you for sharing this beautiful work. Looks amazing, drives great. We are indeed very lucky to have a modder of your caliber creating top tier content for all of us to enjoy in AC.
Excellent rework! Really hope for a full comeback of Pessio
My father was a great Maserati Bird Cage driver. Mennato Boffa.
Excellent job. Thx
Pure excellence!
good job, thanks for update.-
Many thanks for updating one of my all time favorite cars. I wonder what will be your next pay mod project if any?

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