Euronascar 2021

Euronascar 2021 1.0

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Long, based on a tubular frame and silhouette body, powered by a ....offroad general use 351cu engine, and almost no aero.
Here is the EUROnascar!

Based on almost all real data from the official rulebook and spec sheet, is offered in all 4 body configurations, Ford, Chevrolet, FJ, and Shadow.

Thanks to Davide Dallara, a real EuroNascar driver who lives in Parma like me, for the inspiration, all the data, and the in-game testing!

and huge thanks to @NightEye87 for almost all the skins, all real and based on the 2021 season, all wonderful looking.


Latest reviews

Cars look good, sound good, feel good to drive.
Great Mod! See EURO NASCAR Tomorow in Oscherersleben! :)
thank you.
Good mod mate, nice attention to detail.
Can you maybe implement the tweaks @malcolmstrachan also suggested? They will turn this into a 5-stars-mod.
Overall fantastic car.

Handling: 5/5 - having raced in the NASCAR Pinty's Series, the turn-in feel on bias-ply tires was really well done.

Engine: 3/5 - The torque curve looks like the user got values in lbs-ft and inputted where it should be Nm. Once that was revised, power curve felt much more realistic - previously it was far too easy to be flat-out mid-corner which is impossible in the real car. Redline was also at 6000 RPM when it should be at 7400. Once that was corrected along with engine damage values, the car felt fantastic.

Transmission: 4/5 - changed the values for shifting allowance, increasing it to +/- 1000 rpm to make it more like a proper dog-box. The actual gearbox you can put it in any gear from any other gear - some are just more expensive than others!

All the basics are there for a really, really accurate model. Really impressed. Just needed some tweaking on the drivetrain side to make it perfect.
A brilliant car pack with one of the best beginner-friendly out-of-the-box setups for any race car I've driven in AC.

My only criticism is that the series sponsors are missing from the cars' skin template so making replica skins or believable fantasy skins is more difficult than it needs to be.
Top quality mod!
Great work, thank you!
This is an amazing mod. I am a fan of Euronascar series, so a big thanks for your hard work ! I hope that EURONASCAR directors will hire you to create a stand alone video game !
Bravo. I am an american who is a lifelong NASCAR fan. I have been looking in a lot of places to see if i could get my hands on these cars in a sim, and you did an INCREDIBLE job. Excellent liveries as well. The sound is amazing, super fun to drive.
Such great cars, thank you Pessio.
Above and beyond. This is the mod I was waiting for years. Thanks so much for this piece of art.

Important note: For those who don’t know how the Euro Nascar works and the specs of the cars please please please read about it and experiment the mod on the track to appreciate the magnificent work that brought these beasts to Assetto Corsa.
as always, a work of art
This is brilliant!!! Thank you very much!
Excellent mod!! This is right up there with the VRC TA2.
excellent car to drive
HMM, great job. I went to see the races with us at CZ Autodrom Most in August. Nice show. Thanks for the mod.

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