Mazda RX-7 Spirit R| Raiden Shogun

Mazda RX-7 Spirit R| Raiden Shogun 1.0

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Inspired by a random person on IG Reels who made a cinematic with Nahida x Nissan Skyline R34 skin and i want to learn to make the skin but not her skin xD. I choose Raiden Shogun for make the skin. This is my first time to make a skin and still learning from begginer. Enjoy my first time skin!

Sorry for my bad graphic, because my laptop spec is low-end


Map i used for photos: Union Island, you can download it from this link below:

P.S: the preview skin car doesn't appear the skin(I meant that the car is just a purple color), idk why the preview isn't update. But after you go to the track, the skin is appear.

Installation: Drag & Drop the file into Content Manager. If got a issue for installation into CM, you must manual installation. Extract the zip file, copy & paste the file into AC root folder.

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