1. igorkob-1

    Need For Speed ProStreet Team ZERO RX7 1.0

    Team ZERO RX7 skin for the RX7 Tuned. Includes a different color interior and a driver skins
  2. DannyDotCom

    2024 Whelen Mazda MX-5 Cup Base Template + Whelen Engineering #31 1.0.1

    What happened here? Where's RaceDepartment? WHO IS OVERTAKE?! Jokes aside, here's my little appreciation to the one-make championship that keeps gaining popularity over the past 4 years. Presenting base template for 2024 Whelen Mazda MX-5 Cup presented by Michelin, plus an extra...
  3. Highlandwalker

    Mazda MX5 Cup LH Racing 1.01

    A grid filler for the recently released Mazda MX5.
  4. 00Hunter00

    Mazda MX5 Cup Hi Viz Livery & WSS Licence Plates 2024-03-11

    Created for my own use after joining WSS (world sim series) but decided to share as it surprisingly turned out quite nice. Optional WSS licence plates in a separate folder for those who are working their way through the licences, plus a blank version with no plate. Just copy and replace...
  5. 00Hunter00

    Mazda MX-5 Cup Rizla Skins Pack 2024-03-04

    My version of a Rizla sponsored livery with colours matching the packets.
  6. MaxStdtDesigns

    Mazda Team Joest #55 #77 | Rolex 24H 2018-2019 | rollovers_rt24_dpi 1.0

    Hello. Not much to say about this, just that they are not 100% accurate due to model limitations. The 2017 versions will follow sometime later. 2018 Mazda Team Joest #55 - Harry Tincknell, Jonathan Bomarito & Spencer Pigot 2018 Mazda Team Joest #77 - Oliver Jarvis, Tristan Nunez & Rene...
  7. RaceRoom | Action-Packed Mazda MX5 Online Race at Brands Hatch

    RaceRoom | Action-Packed Mazda MX5 Online Race at Brands Hatch

    Timeline: 0:20 - Skip Intro0:30 - First accident0:43 - His perspective 0:51 - Second accident in the very next race 1:06 - Start of the Race Lap 1 2:08 - Lap...
  8. F

    Real Rookie Racing MX5 Livery Pack 3.0

    This pack features all eligible skins for the Real Rookie Racing community. Although the majority of them are community owned and designed, you will also find the base Kunos liveries, and a few other fan favorites thrown together. So many options to choose from, you'll be asking yourself....why?
  9. vismonger

    Left side steering wheel Mazda Rx7 Spirit R Add-on V.2.6

    Hi! I decided to drop the conversion for the normal Rx7 Spirit R since my first Rx7 was a received well. The driver might still be on the wrong side (How to fix it). Since content manager is a bit finicky with locating the right folder, you'll have to just install it manually. Find your...
  10. vismonger

    Left side steering wheel Mazda Rx7 add-on V.2.6

    Hi! I made a left-sided Rx7 because there were yet to be conversions for Japanese cars. It is fully functional and looks great (imo). I originally made this just for me and my friends but was convinced it was good enough to give to everyone. There might still be a driver on the wrong side (How...
  11. iRacing | THIRD WIN | FIRST WIN LEADING EVERY LAP | Mazda MX5 | Summit Raceway Point

    iRacing | THIRD WIN | FIRST WIN LEADING EVERY LAP | Mazda MX5 | Summit Raceway Point

    Third win came again at Summit Point Raceway but this time with the #Mazda MX5 Cup. Second win in in row now and second in row by leading every single lap ti...

    Castrol Racing Mazda MX-5 Cup 1.1

    Castrol Racing Mazda MX-5 Cup by Skyline Design (fictional) Install the file into this location: steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\ks_mazda_mx5_cup\skins Be sure to check out for more designs or follow my work on Instagram @designbyskyline If...
  13. igorkob-1

    ProStreet rx8 1

    Mazda rx8 made to look like one from nfs Prostreet, it's not the best nor supper accurate but i think for my second skin ever it's alright. it's made for mazda_rx8_r3_s1_mana
  14. perorocino

    787b LM lights 1.0

    Made LM lights for the 787b, number plate lights and roof light. *****Note on the Kunos 787B the rooflight wont work just the number plates. If you want the full effect download this version of the car
  15. Max_59

    Jared Thomas #96 - 2023 Idemitsu Mazda MX-5 Cup 1.0

    Whilst I wait for a certain mod to be released, I thought of making something quick in the meantime. Here's the Idemitsu Mazda MX-5 Cup championship-winning #96 car of Jared Thomas. Hope you'll like it! The skin is made for the Kunos-made Mazda MX-5 Cup, which is included in the Japanese Pack...
  16. MelesMeles

    1985 Mazda Rally Team Europe RX-7 (The Rotary B7) Acropolis Rally Ingvar Carlsson and Benny Melander 1.0

    This is my skin of the 1985 Mazda Rally Team Europe RX-7 (The Rotary B7) driven by Ingvar Carlsson and Benny Melander that finished third at the 32nd Acropolis Rally. I hope you enjoy it!
  17. pizzagalli

    Mazda MRX01 3500cc 1992 Group C. 1P

    Finding little or no groupc 3500, it is with great pleasure that I submit the Mazda MRX-01 to you. This is a transfer from F1 99-02 challenge based on Vitua_lm There will be other models if you like. This car is the continuation of the Xrj14. The Jaguar chassis was taken over by Mazda and the...
  18. Sp00kz

    Early D1SL-ish livery for the DWG Mazda RX-7 FD3S BN 1.0

    How to install: Extract the zip file and copy/cut the content folder to your assetto corsa root folder. If you like my work consider following me on IG: Link for the car:
  19. literallyaria

    Fever Honda HA-3R 0.1

    An extreme case of rebadging Pre-surgery HA3 by DTM1120
  20. mikeblueberry

    Formula Mazda Paint Skin 1.0

    Now you can easily skin the amazing Formula Mazda by BLAZE with my blanc skin.

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