Mexico Gran Premio 1967 redux

Mexico Gran Premio 1967 redux 0.9

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IMPORTANT! You have to delete the old Mexico track folder before you Install this Version!

with permission from sylence01 this is a complete rework of the Mexico GP 67.
With new guardrails and physics,
tire chicanery and physics,
60 cars grid,
new infield of Magdalena Mixhuca
new textures,
VAO patch,
Rainfx able,
new roadmesh,
reduced amount of vertices for better performance,
new camerafacing spectators

to do for version 1.0:
new AI lane,
different tracklayouts,
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Latest reviews

Thank you so much!This is awesome now.(except for the hills in the background) ;)
Thank you for the nice review! I never thought about the Hills but for my next Project i started to learn to import GIS data to Blender. Maybe i can upscale the texture details.
5 stars aren't enough. It's an amazing track to look at and to drive around
Works well, looks and feels nice. Well done, indeed. Worth every star! :)
Fabulous upgrade! In addition to the huge improvements of the visuals and performance over the predecessor mod of this track and the large grid, the new road mesh really stands out in bringing the track to life (and making it possible to launch your car over earth banks if you manage to throw it off the side of the road on the front straight). I am hugely looking forward to v1.0's addition of track lights.
Yup, superb work. Really appreciate the road mesh!!! Keep going mate, it's exactly the work we need for vintage racing✌✌✌
Vielen Dank für diese schöne Darstellung der 67er Strecke.
Fahrbahnbreite und Grip machen sehr viel Spaß.
Great work. Enjoyable track.
Nice work!
Thank you and all others for the nice Reviews! Much appreciated!
Thank you very much ! ! !
Greate !
Excellent work. It revealed attention to details. In my opinion the haybales should be moveable objects (AC_POBJECTS) I would get cement blocks in the connection roads to reduce the haybales, but that is what I think about it I respect, of course, the author choices. Thanks for the conversion and all the work done around it to improve this track.
Best version of Mexico 67. Like it a lot.
This track needed work on it so badly! Thank you very much
Stunning work. A wonderful blast from the past. Compliments.
Thank you so much, you took this track from 'unusable' to a great one (to my personal immersion) by fixing the 2d objects, the crowd and backgrounds.

For a future version, I'd like to request some 'ambience' in the fields behind the spectators, such as tents or caravans, and maybe some texture upscaling on the banners, but these are 'nice to have' and the track is a lot of fun anyway, thanks - looking forward to the AI improvements too :)
Great one!
Bravo, this is great. Second one you've knocked out of the park.
Trees, elevation changes, tire-chicanery, correct chronology of the Palace of Sports, all top-notch.

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