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MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 AI skills patch 1.0

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I made this (early-made) patch for AI, specially compared to full championship standings, so if you want Marquez´s form in your MotoGP 15, you will have it.
In MotoGP 15 are too good or too bad lotof riders, such as Iannone or Alex Rins who is one of the best moto2 riders in this season. few riders in game are too good such as Quartararo, so i have decreased his skills and leveled up to Bastianini´s etc..

WARNING: With edited DATA.mix like this, you are not able to play multiplayer :/

Tip: Try it with full or half lenght of a race in Simulation mode, also Pro physics , it´s more simulation than basic AI in MotoGP 15.

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Very realistic but a little outdated now really hoping for an update. And definitely more challenging and fun :D keep up the good work
AI is still way too slow (easy winning first career race with all assists off), but racing is better as with the original AI.

The pack in Moto3 doesn't stay together behind me, Kent was alone, Oliveira and Hanika went 1-on-1 and no group hab more than 5 riders in it (race length 50%). Same problem as with the original game
The MotoGP just slightly different from real life but it's a great effort.. I just wanted to know what File did you edited so i can extract and copy the file to my own DATA.MIX
Sounds like a cool improvement. May I ask you only the exact files you modified in DATA? So I can recompile my own DATA.MIX with my existent mods. Thanks.
Everybody finishes within 10 seconds of the leader? Quite unrealistic. R.Gardner is 6 seconds behind winner? You do realize that from 15th on riders are more than 20+ seconds behind. One can create a top field of 7 or 8 riders and have the rest finish according to real life...
Jan Volenec
Jan Volenec
make your own mod and we will see
Great job, now it's way closer to real life!
Jan Volenec
Jan Volenec
Thanks mate, I will do the update after Sachsenring and I also wanna improve lap times because this mod is just improving the positions on the grid and schamp standings ..
I have a question.. Is there a way, with an updated mod for example, to get Moto 3 races with a lot of drivers fighting for the victory in bigger groups?
Jan Volenec
Jan Volenec
Yes it is, but when you improve many rider´s skills, you risk quite different championship standings
Brilliant mod. Apart from fatal issue with blue death of my computer every time I start the game.

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