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Pace Park V1.12

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Pace Park V1.1

Pace Park is *vitual* race track created by my close friend MoSum at days of F1C.

It's *virtual* track only not a real track, but meanwhile is has more history than a lot of the real track.
Since more over ten years the Racing-SIM communities all over the world are running this track in
popular SIMs like F1C, rF, GTL, GTR2 and Race07.
So I though I would be an enrichment for Assetto Corsa as well and started the conversion as permitted
by the original author MonSum.

These are my first steps in doing track modding for this new SIM, so pls. don't expect to much;-)
Any clue in improving this version is appreciated.

Pls. feel free to discuss in our bulletin boards at

We’re offering the result of all our working hours to all of you free of charge but we
ask for one single fee from your side:

Pls. give a little respect to all these working hours all of us spend for free for your entertainment!
This project is a “take it as it is, or leave it”-release, pls. see EULA for more detailed information.


- 30 Pit places

- Pit limiter

- MP pit stops

- Hotlap mode

- Collision objects (moveable signs)


- Corner skidmarks and raceline (rubber)


- MonSum for the original F1c track

- B1ackbird for TV-CAMs

- Ischemica for Beta testing reports


- DutchDevil for getting me started in conversion issues

- Dumeklemmerin for all her patience and understanding.

..and all the guys I'm in contact due to conversion issues.


- none


Pls. report bugs in our forum at

V1.1 - 2015-01-31:
- implemented smooth physical layer for the road to fix the bumps as reported by Downforce72

V1.0 - 2015-01-30:
- new shaders for the roads
- reviewed lightning.ini
- reworked fences
- transition objects (road->grass road->road)
- fixed gaps in the mesh after first corner
- added groove/raceline, moved dynamic seeting from skidmarks to groove/raceline

V0.9.33-2 - 2015-01-26:
- after implementing the skids I've read that AC does support *dynamic* groove.
So here's dyn. groove. You start with nearly no groove and with every lap you'll have some more groove...
- put lightning a bit brighter

V0.9.33-1 - 2015-01-26:
- sew shader for grass and raods
- skids/groove in corners
- fixed hotap issues
- fixed gaps in the mesh at pitentry

V0.9.33 - 2015-01-23:
- Inital beta release for internal use

have a lot of fun with this nice track,
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Latest updates

  1. Pace Park V1.12

    V1.12 - 2015-04-30: - added missing "checkpoint"-banners in time attack mode
  2. Pace Park V1.11

    V1.11 - 2015-04-30: - fixed CTD in time attack mode
  3. Pace Park V1.1

    V1.1 - 2015-01-31: - implemented smooth physical layer for the road to fix the bumps as reported...

Latest reviews

Why is no one mentioning the TERRIBLE looking 2D trees..... Such a shame. Wouldve given it 5 stars......
I love this track, it is one of my 3-4 favourites, i already played a lot on it on GTR 2, but please, please, please : convert it to AMS !!
Great race track, fun to drive and nice surroundings.

Show left-right spline fix by Assetto Corsa Fanboy

Assetto Corsa - derDumeklemmer - Track Mod - Pace Park V1.12 (T500RS)(Full HD)(Cockpit-Cam)
Assetto Corsa - derDumeklemmer - Track Mod - Pace Park V1.12 (T500RS)(Full HD)(TV-Cam)
This is a great track. Amazed that it is fictional, it seems like something that would exist in real life. A higher res texture upgrade would improve this track dramatically.
Really nice, even if it is fictional. Thanks !
Outstanding work.
AAA quality, hope to see more from you
Fun Fun Fun track!
Excellent track! Unbelievable quality! Thank you!
Please revise that a board disappears in the ground
I don't know what you mean?!
Could you pls. provide a screenshot ?
one word. Quality
where is dutch devil?
very well done, attention to detail make this piece one such model
Bravo and congratulations !!!
This is really nice looking track, I did find it stuttered a little and this was more noticeable on the replays, would be great if stutter issue got sorted, other than that it's great. Thank you.
perfect after the update, was it easy to fix the track mesh? would be good to know how its done so can share with other track converters as so many suffer from that issue. cheers
glad you like the update ;-)

It's not that hard to do:

- copy track mesh
- put Subsurf modifier and increase geo by four (catmul-clark)
- use smooth vertex on z-axis
- resort the mesh names
- have the old low-poly mesh visible and the new high-poly mesjh as physical layer

(all steps done in Blender)

Thanks for this fun track, as it is new to me its a nice surprise
Seems like a really cool layout, but the track mesh is definitely too low res for ac (common problem with conversions from other games, but can be fixed). everything else seems to be great
Pls. retry V1.1 ;-) cheers, Uwe
Very nice work there dude ! It's a shame that this track is not real lol !
A lot of fun racing this well made fictional course, good FPS and attention to detail.

Thanks Uwe

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