Race the 2024 Indy 500 in Automobilista 2

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Image: @Henrique Freitas
It (sort of) has the car, it has the track. But now, Automobilista 2 also has every livery competing in the 2024 Indy 500 thanks to an up-to-date skin pack. Let us know how you get on in your offline recreation.

In case you did not know, the month of May is here. To many, this will mean the last chance to book that Summer getaway, or a constant stream of hay fever-induced sneezes. But to motorsport fans, it may well be the best month of the year - most certainly the fastest.

Yes, Qualifying week for the Indianapolis 500 has concluded, meaning we are on the home stretch before the Greatest Spectacle in Racing. This weekend, 33 of the best drivers in the world will take on the treacherous 2.5-mile Indy oval and its yard of bricks for 200 laps. But many of us that do not fit the top racer attribute would like to take part in the 500-mile event. With that in mind, here is a livery pack that is sure to fuel your immersion.

2024 Indy 500 in AMS2​

Those familiar with the Automobilista 2 community and modding scene will know that a highly detailed representation of the current Indycar chassis, the Dallara IR-18 is available for the game. However, focusing on the 2023 season, it does not feature any liveries specific to this year's edition at the time of writing.

But not to worry as Automobilista 2 has its own interpretation on the modern car called Formula USA 2023. Sure, it looks a tad boxy, but for running an immersive Indy 500 race against the AI, it no doubt does the job.

That is no more true than thanks to a passion project by OT user, @Henrique Freitas. Ever since the start of the year, this livery painter has put together an accurate recreation of the 2024 Indycar grid, encompassing every team and driver. For the jewel in the series' crown, the pack has received a further update including all the drivers taking part in the big race as a one-off. This includes the likes of Takuma Sato and Ryan Hunter-Reay.

Sting Ray Robb Indy 500 in AMS2.jpg

The Indy 500 sees a brand-new livery for Sting Ray Robb. Image:@Henrique Freitas

As one would expect, many teams are running special liveries to commemorate the special event, all of which feature in this expansive livery collection.

Finally, not only is this a livery pack. Just like many mods of this nature for Automobilista 2, the 2024 Indycar livery pack for the 2023 Formula USA gets custom AI files. This allows the different driver names to perform in a realistic way. Romain Grosjean probably will not stick it on pole and you can bet that the virtual Pato O'Ward will attempt some audacious moves.

Automobilista 2 with its weather system and vast array of content is often seen as a great game for offline racing. With packs like this featuring a full grid and realistic AI, it may well also be one of the most immersive titles out there. Now do excuse me, I need to see if I can win Sting Ray Robb a glug of milk.

How will you race a virtual Indy 500 this weekend? Let us know on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!
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I play RF2 online 99% of the time, but thought I’d give these cars + skins a go on AMS2 for the first time and was really impressed!

Oh how I’d love AMS2 to copy RF2’s online system…

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