Premier - Realistic PPFilter For Pure!

Premier - Realistic PPFilter For Pure! 5.76

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Premier is a post processing filter that aims to get the most realistic look and feel out of Assetto Corsa! Its available for PURE ONLY! As always the filter is a constant WIP so let me know any feedback you have!

If you enjoy this Filter and want Early Access to future versions, you can optionally support me on my Patreon Page:

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Please Feel Free To Write A Review! Happy Racing! :D

Latest updates

  1. Premier 5.76 Release!

    Hey guys! Premier 5.76 is here and is a small compatibility update for Pure .251. No real visual...
  2. Premier 5.75 Release!

    Hey guys! Premier 5.75 is here and is a small compatibility update for Pure .250. No real visual...
  3. Premier 5.7 Release!

    Hey guys! Premier 5.7 is Officially here! This is a major update that will cap off the 5.0...

Latest reviews

Like the look of this filter a lot but with pure 0.250 - 0.254 I am getting super low FPS (11fps) on a 4080 but only when switching to the filter when in the cockpit view. I have to then switch to an outside car view to improve the frame rate but its still only ~24fps. If I am already on an outside car view and switch to this filter my frames are pefectly fine (60+ fps).
Jacob Cappello
Jacob Cappello
Make sure you are on .254
It's weird one for me. I have pure 0.251 and Premier version 5.76 is giving me exactly the problems that are meant to be fixed from 5.75. With 5.75 i have no issues. Premier is my fav filter btw ;)
Jacob Cappello
Jacob Cappello
you probably dont have .251, its a revised version of .250 and wasnt a new patreon post. Check Peter's Patreon! :D
I followed ur install manual, but I can't find pure premier in post-prcessing (only premier or Pure found). also down file doesn't have cfg folder. I'm a bigger of ACC , Please give me some advice.
this setup looks absolutely gorgeous. personally i changed the "light day multiplier" in the pure config under the light tab to 0.135 because the game gets really yellow and reflective without any clouds at 12:00 am.
High quality as always! Perfect!
Jacob Cappello
Jacob Cappello
Thanks man enjoy! :D
Sadly I can’t make it look anything like these pictures suggests on my hdr oled. It’s a shame as everything looks a bit washed out with black colours replaced by grey overlay. So far after testing dozens of ppfilters only one paid filter out there works fantastically well in all day conditions and is pretty close to real life in terms of colours and light and I could not find anything which comes even close. I guess a lot depends on your screen in the end.
Jacob Cappello
Jacob Cappello
Try 5.7 and see if that fixdes your blacks!
My favourite pp filter, a much more natural look on my hdr monitor, thank you
Jacob Cappello
Jacob Cappello
Great to hear! Thanks :D
I will have issues if I switch from sol to pure? I just want to do thiiiiiis!
Jacob Cappello
Jacob Cappello
nope, just be sure to use the Uninstall Sol Install Pure batch script in the Pure download!
My personal No.1 since version 2.0! Masterpiece!
Jacob Cappello
Jacob Cappello
Thanks man! Glad to see youve stuck around :D
Love it!!!
very good!
Top Job!
I can vouch @Apuleyo , he Is correct on his review underneath. Ppf is beautiful other than the glares and rays of sun going through objects , buildings , and even mountains. Tried other ppf like C13 and issue disappears.
My go to Filter. Keep up the great work
Jacob Cappello
Jacob Cappello
Thanks :D
It looks very good, but at sunset in several circuits the sun goes through the trees and other 2D objects.
Jacob Cappello
Jacob Cappello
sounds more like a track issue, not an issue with the filter
This is the best filter for pure 100%
Jacob Cappello
Jacob Cappello
Thanks man!! :D
Great Filter. Keep up the good work and Thanks!
Jacob Cappello
Jacob Cappello
Will do man! Still things to improve :P
This is my Fav PPFilter, but still like on previous version 2.0, night time have problem with Godrays, it look like sunshine on moon, how to fix that?
Jacob Cappello
Jacob Cappello
Make sure your on the newest Pure version, and re install the ppfilter. Also please dont ask for supportin reviews. in the future reach out on Discord or my email
Version 3.5 is a whole new beast. This + F1 Broadcast Reality Suite + Reality Motion Neck FX = the realest sim racing visuals ever.

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