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The question I asked myself when trying other HUD applications is:
Why is the lost performance enough to buy another step up in graphics cards.
That ends now!


Features: https://race.elementfuture.com/guide/features
Guides: https://race.elementfuture.com/guide

Does Race Element share any of my driving data?
Your data belongs to you.


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Latest updates


    - Corner Data HUD: Fixed collection of data on tracks that had straights. - Brake Temp History...

    - Wheel Slip HUD: Adjusted default option for WheelSize from 92 to 68. - HUD Config: Now hides...

    - Twitch Chat Bot: - Added new command +diff: Shows the difference in lap times and sectors...

Latest reviews

Thank you for this. Works pretty well even on a low end computer.
Very good application but it disrupts my triplescreen each time it launches (the values change).
a solution, perhaps?
It is kind of tricky to respond to a review reply :( So please if you have issues report them in the discussion thread(https://www.overtake.gg/threads/race-element.230494/) or in the discord of the app.
Must have app.

Soo easy to install setups and skins!
This app originally started as a tool for setups and liveries. I'm glad to hear it saves time!
I've been waiting for this feature.
Great job!
Great utility. What I'd like to see added is the ability to add some comments for a setup to remind me what I'm working on, etc.
Perhaps we can discuss how this should look like, feel free to join the discord server and post in the #suggestions channel.
Thanks, it helped me because I'm having trouble saving the .json file. Thx mate.
Great tool, thx!
it works fine for me
très bien,mais la telemetry ne fonctionne pas chez moi
Thanks for your great work!! is it possible to display the engine status as a HUD? I miss this a lot because I've hidden the original one.
Engine status isn't provided by ACC's shared memory, if they would share it with 3rd party developers I would certainly add it!
One of the best tools for ACC. It helps a lot to understand what is happening while driving.
A great utility to both manage your ACC assets and improve your race experience.
Thanks you. Indeed Race Element doesn't only focus on HUDs but also allows you to keep track of setups and liveries. Guess I had to make that part easy.
Clean UI, useful info, easy install & barely any performance impact. No complaints here, this is great!
The best overlays app for acc soo easy to use! Is there a way to show a leaderboard as i drive?
It has been many updates since my last review so it's time to give this app 5 stars again. It's useful in so many ways. Livery and setup tab are fast and convenient. Setup comparison is an absolute mvp tool.

Oh and most of the HUD elements give you an actual advantage. Those are definitely not gimmicks. Boost gauge for brake boosting for that perfect start. Fuel info so you don't have to ask Crew Chief. Tyre info so you don't have to rely on the native hud which is still not updated to 1.9.
Automatic steering lock is obviously also insanely pratical.

The only thing which is still missing to make this a complete package is a pitbox hud element like seen in ACC Drive. Not having to change your camera to bonnet cam to achieve a perfect stop by seeing your offset/position in a live hud element would be insane and a big help.
Currently the only way to have 99% perfect stops is to either change the cam or buy ACCDrive otherwise the pitcrew moves you around wasting seconds.
I can say its the best hud we have for ACC. Simple, with a lot of useful huds and features. Great Work
Thank you! Also thank you for the video you made! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQM54XT16eQ
Thanks for this and your continued support and updates. As good as it is (and constantly getting better) it deserves more recognition than it has.
Excellent app and quite light too! Lots of support!
Developers are absolute legends!
Hi, this is a great app. Just wondering, is it possible to use in vr?
Yes it is. Toggle the "window" option for the huds you want to use. And then you can use Desktop+ to show them in VR: https://github.com/elvissteinjr/DesktopPlus
Very useful application (I love the tire info part), thanks for it!

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