1. S

    AC pedal telemetry overlay 2.1

    AC pedal telemetry overlay Assetto Corsa app that show the pedal telemetry in a graph with many config options. Is compatible with vanilla Assetto Corsa, but works best when using Custom Shaders Patch. Includes Gas, Throttle, Brake, Steering, Lateral and Longitudinal G traces. Installation...
  2. M

    SF23 Steering wheel - F1 23 Telemetry 1.0

    Application that collects the datas from the F1 23 Telemetry and reproduces the official SF23 steering wheel. How to use : Download the zip folder and launch the main.exe file Any questions, comments, problems or suggestions, you can post here or on the GitHub repository ...
  3. Chris Beeves

    Motorcycle steering approach

    Hey there people! I'm something of a wallflower in here, but thought I'd share a little bit of what I am working on. It's a steering approach on bike sims focusing on countersteering and realistic physics based feedback. (I temporarily mapped the throttle to the rear brake pedal to be able to...
  4. Wakimonio

    Acc Pit Tool 1.2.1

    Some have dreamed of it, and now it's here for FREE. This tool will allow you to select your friend's pitstop data remotely. It's extremely easy to set up, fast and effective. To make it work you first need to create a VPN tunnel using RadminVPN for example. First you need to make sure that...
  5. A

    AC 'Suspension Travel' telemetry channel broken?

    So I've been trying to determine what my suspension was doing in AC (RSS FH 2023 car) and was recording a ton of telemetry laps using ACTI. As I could see very little difference in the suspension travel traces in Motec, I decided to go extreme with a setup that should be a 'night and day'...
  6. soosaaa982

    How to get access to telemetry data assetto corsa

    I would like to build a Rev Ligh display with an LED strip with my Raspberry Pico, but I have absolutely no plan how to get the data for it, then someone can help me?

    Racing League Tools v0.9.4-hotfix-2

    Join our Discord server (more info, help, mods, etc): Support project on Boosty or Patreon Racing League Tools To update from previous versions, please click the "Check for updates" button in the Help menu. Currently supported UDP...
  8. I

    Telemetry Tool for F1 23 (and many other games) 13.4

    Version 13 is here. Alongside added F1 23 support, the Tool supports F1 2012 to F1 23, AC, ACC, AMS2, PC2, RFactor 2, R3E, KartKraft, Grid 2 and DiRT Rally 2. Notable changes: F1 23 support added + updated trackmaps New session statistics data screen + option to open detailed per driver...
  9. Q

    Programming c# question

    Hey everyone, I'm playing around with getting telemetry from Assetto Corsa shared memory using c#. and the shared memory library I'm struggling to get the steering angle data from the sim/game and I was wondering if any of you could possibly point me in the right direction? I have a basic...


    SIM! Modders colocaram a VILA MARIANA no radar dos mods do Assetto Corsa, e ficou TOP DEMAIS! Circuito de MirandópolisMinhas Redes:
  11. Pole Lap│ Williams FW44 on MIRANDÓPOLIS

    Pole Lap│ Williams FW44 on MIRANDÓPOLIS

    Aproveitando a deixa do último vídeo vou estar deixando aqui somente a minha volta rápida! Circuito de Mirandó...
  12. Pole Lap 2023 │Alonso's AMR23 on BAHRAIN

    Pole Lap 2023 │Alonso's AMR23 on BAHRAIN

    Volta Rápida comigo, no Circuito Internacional do Bahrain!O GP aconteceu no último domingo (05), sagrando Verstappen o primeiro a levar os 25 pontos pra casa...
  13. Pole Lap 2023 │Leclerc's SF-23 on SAUDI ARABIA

    Pole Lap 2023 │Leclerc's SF-23 on SAUDI ARABIA

    Volta Rápida comigo, no Circuito Corniche de Jeddah!O GP acontece no próximo domingo (19), e marca a segunda etapa da temporada!Aqui eu dou um rolêzinho com ...
  14. diegocbarboza

    Assetto Corsa to rFactor2 Log Analyzer converter 0.0.1

    Hi everyone, I discovered rFactor2 Log Analyzer recently and it's an amazing tool to analyze (duh) logs and also setup custom championships (this is the feature that I'm most interested). But it's for rFactor2 and I didn't find a similar tool for Assetto Corsa. So, I wrote a simple python app...
  15. H

    F1 22 Telemetry sometimes inop in online modes

    Hello, let me start that I only recently moved away from my Logitech wheel + pedals, so I could be considered a bit of a noob here. Anywhere, here is relevant starting info: Accuforce v2 wheelbase with Bluetooth button box Fanatec CSL Pedals v3 F1 22 on Steam in Windows 10 Using SimCommander 4...
  16. Roscoe_PikoTrain

    Telemetry 2 V1.0

    Telemetry 2 consists of steering angle, throttle and brake in one graph, with a bar graph each of throttle and brake on the side. The Throttle bar graph is green and will flash orange when the Traction Control is engaged. The Brake bar graph is red and will flash orange when the ABS is engaged.
  17. Roscoe_PikoTrain

    Telemetry V1.0

    This Sim Hub Telemetry Dashboard includes Gear Change, Throttle/Brake, Steering Angle, and Suspension Travel of all four corners. Steering angle has a strange value because that was the only way I could get a left turn to be a positive number, and right a negative number. And that is the format...
  18. I

    Telemetry Tool for F1 22 12.4

    Version 12 is here. The tool supports F1 2012 to F1 2022, AC, ACC, AMS2, PC2, RFactor 2, KartKraft and DiRT Rally 2. Notable changes: F1 22 support added + updated trackmaps ACC: added trackmaps for the new DLC tracks AMS2: added trackmaps for the new 1.3.8 tracks Updated custom JRE to Java...
  19. I

    Telemetry Tool for rFactor 2 13.4

    Hello, I have ported my Telemetry Tool for F1 games, AC/ACC, PC2/AMS2, DiRT Rally 2 and KartKraft also for rFactor 2. You can use the Tool for real-time and offline Telemetry analysis, but also for race/pitstop tactics/strategy. To use the tool: 1) download the .zip and unzip it to some...
  20. RiddleTime

    Race Element

    The question I asked myself when trying other HUD applications is: Why is the lost performance enough to buy another step up in graphics cards. That ends now! What is Race Element? HUDs Data Setups Liveries Streaming More info on the website...

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