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Storm Wet 2019 1.1

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I do not authorize the distribution of this mod without the credits, with credits of the Author is another story!

See in installer when you mouse over the properties of each version!
Mod made to enhance the feel in rain!

- Improved car spray
- Drops falling on the car improved
- Drops falling on the track visible
- improved rain sheet with two versions
- 3 versions of drops in helmet

- Improvement in the mist between the clean and dark versions (no appear more checkered mist effects in the presentation)
- Added a smaller spray version

Made by vlasovas

Thanks :

Agnus Antônio da Silva, zeno DYK, Ryder 25, ML2166, the people who helped me up here, the people who criticized me here too, because then we look for improve us!
the whole community! all Modders who leave their lives aside to do something that pleases and no gain, and to many people than will be enjoying mods! to those that we will not even know one day, but they are in another side of the world, and they often wait for our work!


To install it is simple, or use the RMM program that contains in the rar file! He made backup for you automatically!
Or just extract the chosen types replacing to the folder of the game, the backup is on your own!

To use RMM follow the example below, it is for f1 2017, but the process is the same, just choose the directory of F1 2019


Latest updates

  1. Storm Wet 2019 v1.1

    1.1 - Improvement in the mist between the clean and dark versions (no appear more checkered...

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One of my favorite mods ever :)
Great Job!
just awesome
Absolutely Brilliant, Julio! Obrigado!

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