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Rework Wet Mod 1.1

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I not authorize the use of my settings and textures or in third-party mods without credits!

2016 deserves this rework, the drops on the ground are now in a visible size in game and at the same time, not as big as they were before, the spray of the wheels is now much stronger, because this version was made with focus in game and not in general focus (game and replay). What makes the mod not so good when being watched in the replay due to the warning lights of cars, which has a very strong brightness in the replay in 2016, so I added 2 versions one more visible for those who do not want so much difficulty, and another dense like real life, you can not see the car in front unless you're one step away!

Attention :

- If you put the weather options in the graphic options in medium, there will be a rain (drops falling from the sky) more visible, and some effects will not be there as the water sheets, in the Ultra - High setting will be the opposite being that now have the two options to the taste of the user!
to configure choose your version and then (in the game) go to:

Game Options> Settings> Graphics Options> Advanced Setup> Weather Effects > and put in Ultra Hight or Medium

-Do Not use the Re-Shade if already have one installed, recommended to remove a first

-The Reshade comes by default to not be installed due to the reason above, note if you want to install it will be the second option





- Drops in the ground improved to have an ideal size in game, but at the same time without the exaggeration in size as it was before!
- Spray of fortified cars, where dense only for those who pilot well in the rain, and the least dense for those who still want to see something!
- Flares of Illumination (worked by Agnus Antônio da Silva)
- Re-Shade (worked by Agnus Antônio da Silva)
- Drops of ground and cars improved so as not to have a tone so white but transparent
- Added version for use with medium settings

made by vlasovas, Agnus Antonio da Silva

Thanks :

Mod Made Tribute to a Great Friend who is no longer with us, which always had a finger in it all F1 mods that made 2011 to 2014
Rest in peace, Kadosh 64 (La Plata), will be in our hearts !

Agnus Antônio da Silva, Crosire and (For create Reshade and SweetFX), Zeno DYK, Ryder 25 (Ryder Mod Manager and All Tools), ML2166!

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Very very job, F1 2016 is even scarier !!!
Good job! Thanks, Julio!

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