TED Subic International Raceway

TED Subic International Raceway v0.95

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Subic International Raceway v0.95 (11-07-2020)

This track is an original creation by Teddie Tapawan and is based on the real-life SIR race track in the Philippines.

Additional Credits and Thanks:
* Shared X-Packs by Tyrone and Gutbomb
* Grass textures by Mike08
* Multiple reference photos, bug reports, and suggestions provided by members of the Assetto Corsa Philippines and SRPH groups on Facebook
* Some marine and cargo-ship dock items from NFS and GRiD franchises
* SPECIAL thanks to my son Brandon for modeling many of the objects in this track for me in Blender

(Please do not copy or modify without author's permission. Contact teddabod@smartapplerocks.com to report bugs or to request track changes and/or features.)

Version History:
Subic International Raceway v0.95 (11-07-2020)
* Initial release


Latest reviews

Excellent graphics. Can you made a good I.A line please?
This is great!
Thank you for sharing this excellent track with us :)
I'll enjoy this a lot :)
Another very well made work, TED! I just did quickly a set of cameras in camtool. I hope it helps: : https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/camtool-for-ted-subic-international-raceway.37006/
Great work :)
No track lights
Another fine addition to the Ted series. AI is missing a few apexes, but the track is addictive. Great dude.
Thank you again man!!
Another gem Teddie. Thanks again!

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