TED Tarlac Circuit Hill

TED Tarlac Circuit Hill v1.2

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Tarlac Circuit Hill v1.2 UPDATE (10-15-2020)
* Fix trees using incorrect shaders, causing them to be over-bright with sun behind
* Make the Greener Grass skin have even much more grass and green, much less dirt
* Added paintlines on track for start/finish
* Fix alignment of start gantry and lights models
* Updated VAO patch

Tarlac Circuit Hill v1.0 & v1.1b UPDATE (09-26-2020)
* Fix for incorrect kn5 file in last update
* Removed higher kerbs due to graphics issue (reverted kerb item below)
* Added higher kerb physics mesh on certain turns on west side as in real life
* Fix road rise/height issue near start/finish (s/f) gantry bypass road
* Fix high points on some parts of terrain near marshal tent and other areas
* New trees added, some old ones removed/replaced
* New skin for a greener Tarlac
* Replace bullhorn/pole with proper light/pole
* Added missing buildings
* Added fishball carts and additional details to event/parking area
* LOD params set on all objects
* Updated VAO patch for new/changed environment details
* Sharpened higher-resolution terrain texture
* Some Google bits on terrain texture cleaned up/removed
* Laid asphalt in tent/event area
* New grandstand tent modeled for Tarlac Recreational Park's running track
* Darkened tree textures
* Top and bottom start lights modeled and added to the s/f gantry
* Higher resolution Tarlac Banner
* New track previews
* New cameras by Racealot

Tarlac Circuit Hill v0.98 UPDATE (09-19-2020)
* Fixed collision on all kerbs
* Tweaked surface.ini parameters for kerbs
* Added missing light poles
* Added missing white fencing on last turns of track
* Created new skin for older, dirtier looking tire-barriers
* Added a caribou and a skin to remove it if not wanted
* Added more vegetation
* Fixed transparency on s/f gantry scaffolding
* Added marshal chair and table to tent near s/f gantry
* Added basic tv/replay cameras

Tarlac Circuit Hill v0.95 (09-13-2020)
* Initial release

Tarlac Circuit Hill (TCH) is a 1.500 km permanent circuit located within the Tarlac Recreational Park in San Jose, Tarlac, Philippines and is approximately 142 km away from Manila. The full course has 15 turns and runs in a clockwise direction. It was built as an initiative of the Tarlac City Government and Governor Victor Yap. 2003 Asian Formula 3 champion Pepon Marave designed the circuit and acts as its Technical Consultant. Meanwhile, former Philippine Karter of the Year Richard Joson is its Marketing and Operations Consultant. The circuit officially opened on the 21st of November 2016.

This track is an original creation by Teddie Tapawan and is based on the real-life Tarlac Circuit Hill race track in the Philippines.

Additional Credits and Thanks:
* Shared X-Packs by Tyrone and Gutbomb
* Grass textures by Mike08
* Track cameras by Racealot
* Multiple reference photos provided by members of the Assetto Corsa Philippines group on Facebook
* SPECIAL thanks to my son Brandon for modeling many of the objects in this track for me in Blender

(Please do not copy or modify without author's permission. Contact teddabod@smartapplerocks.com to report bugs or to request track changes and/or features.)
Screenshot 2020-09-13 013059.png
Screenshot 2020-09-13 013142.png

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Great! Salamat TED... Used with a Piaggio Ape here:
Looking good! Another track suited for Formula Student, and what a track this is!
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Great work! Thank You.
Love the quality of the work. This plus the Clark International as well.

Will you ever do Batangas Circuit ?
Batangas or Carmona is next. I'm not sure which one I will finish first though.
Superb Tracks!
Well done, thanks!
superb. Great Job sir!!!!
First time driving a Philippine race course. Thanks for making it happen
top quality. now all we need is clark raceway or batangas :) nice job
Good job Sir!
Great work, Teddie :)
I really like it. This is great!
Excellent. Thank you very much for this mod, pare.
Excellent mod! Would love to see more mods based on the Philippines.
Thank you. I'm very close to releasing Clark Intl Speedway.
excellent work on this track!

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