Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree 1.0

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Add Tokyo Sky Tree to shutoko revival project

Support 0.9.2 PTB
Can be used with 0.9.1 if rewritten

According to SRP.
SRP is based in 2007, which is why the Sky Tree is missing.

If you want to have Sky Tree in the world in 2007, please use this mod.

Backup before putting in.
Use only offline.
If you want to play online, please remove skytree.

Latest updates

  1. For those who feel that Sky Tree is too far away

    If you feel it is too far away, please enter the following values. models_....ini [MODEL_13]...

Latest reviews

Beautiful!! thank you!
Where can I put the modles_xxx.ini file?
This is wonderful!
I edited ext_config.ini and models_xxx.ini for SRP 0.9.1 and it works.
I knew we needed a skytree!
Even though it's just a small detail, it's a great addition. Looks great in the night.

If you plan to add more stuff to the Track, I'm looking forward to it :^)

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2.1 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
5.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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