Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune - shutoko one lap(Tokyo area)

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune - shutoko one lap(Tokyo area) 1.11

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From Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune
Support 0.93PTB

length 62.5km

track route
Start(shibaura)→C1 outer→Rainbow Bridge→Bayshore East→Fukagawa→C1 inter→Fukagawa→Bayshore West→OI JCT→Yokohane→Goal(shibaura)

Put the contents of shutoko_onelap_tokyo into the shuto_revival_project_beta_ptb folder.

Camtool2 camera by YURO ch. 速 游路



Latest updates

  1. ini compatible with ver0.93

    I rewrote the ini to run on 0.93.
  2. 32 race grid and Other modifications

    Update ai_hints firework near the rainbow bridge 32 race grid map image update install Put the...

Latest reviews

Support 0.93PTB!!!I love U
Can't seem to get this to work. crashes while loading every time.
I second that need for a 9.3 update! :D
Best layout
What a banger of a mod. Would be five stars but the AI seem to have a 50/50 chance of crashing in 3 particular areas within the first 2km's or so.
-Very first corner, AI will enter too hot and strike the barrier on the right before getting pinballed into the shadowrealm
-the corner at Shibakoen, AI will sometimes enter too hot on the left and clip the barrier, again meeting the shadowrealm
-and the Meguro corner before the first tunnels.

Seems to be great otherwise, been running the KANJO EF9's with some AE86's and it's a blast. As long as they make it past Meguro you know it's going to be a good race.
It crashes after choosing this route...Is there a fix somehow?
What a track! great for racing!
Thanks for the effort, but I don't think you need to include 'srp_animation_0_9_1.kn5' since it's already a part of the track. Other than that, thank you for making the layout!
Is it possible to set race ai please ?
thank you! very nice layout. respect to the cameras..there are flating a old c1 the only one that got cameras..maybe someone can adapted to this?
Looks good. thanks alot.

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File size
155.7 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.50 star(s) 14 ratings

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