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Toyota TRD F1 Team - [Red/Black]V2.5 2.5B

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What's up RD! Here's my new skin Toyota TRD F1 Team. This is just the car, however, racecrew and garage will be coming soon ;) . I did it in a rush so keep me informed of bugs or misplacements. It replaces the standard Marussia livery and I think it looks much better ;).

EDIT: The mod now consists of 2 skins, chose either black or red to replace your current Marussia skin

I also included modded .ctf (car performance) files so that the car can be competitive ( should match the Red Bulls ). I will include a database file with Max's and Jules's performances upgraded in the next update.

If you don't want the custom Marussia handling/speed, do not copy the folder "tracks" and the file ma2.ctf in your directory.

Also don't forget to check out my Honda Playstation Racing skin I made earlier based on the caterham.

Installation Guide: Copy all the files included in the archive to "(YourDrive:)/ProgramFiles(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/f12014/cars/ma2"

Note: If you have a 32-bit operating system the installation path will be "(YourDrive:)/ProgramFiles/Steam/steamapps/common/f12014/cars/ma2"

UPDATE 1.1B: - Added language file to add "Toyota TRD F1 Team" to the main menu.

F1_2014 2014-11-03 22-22-50-25.jpg

UPDATE 2.0 : - Added a Red Version as demanded by people

UPDATE 2.1: - Added the 'dents' design to the nose like Toyota had for the 2008 F1 Season. Users can still use the old one ;)

F1_2014 2014-11-05 07-57-22-53.jpg

Coming Next: -Frontend Update (replacing marussia logo with Toyota)

UPDATE 2.5: Replaced the Logitech logo by the Panasonic one on the engine cover for both dented and normal noses.
I also replaced the normal Toyota Logo by the one toyota F1 had in 2008/09

F1_2014 2014-11-05 07-57-43-77.jpg F1_2014 2014-11-05 08-00-26-42.jpg

Pictures [RED]

F1_2014 2014-11-05 07-54-24-09.jpg
F1_2014 2014-11-05 07-56-10-31.jpg
F1_2014 2014-11-05 08-00-26-42.jpg

Pictures [BLACK]
F1_2014 2014-11-03 21-51-18-01.jpg
F1_2014 2014-11-03 21-51-21-44.jpg F1_2014 2014-11-03 21-51-42-22.jpg F1_2014 2014-11-03 21-51-52-48.jpg F1_2014 2014-11-03 21-52-00-65.jpg F1_2014 2014-11-03 21-52-37-38.jpg F1_2014 2014-11-03 21-52-41-80.jpg

Have fun with it ;) And always backup your files before replacing ;)

Latest updates

  1. Removed redundant files in the mod

    Removed redundant files in the mod. It is now 3mb.
  2. Fixed a bug in the livery

    Fixed a bug in the livery
  3. Added Panasonic logo and original Toyota F1 Team logo

    Added Panasonic logo and original Toyota F1 Team logo

Latest reviews

Awesome, could you maybe do a Honda Lucky Strike?
As always , your works keep in a great quality but lack of sponsors (I can hardly see the TRD a side) and Japanese word (I will help you with this :) ) makes this team kinda weird .
Anyway , EYE HAVE YOU .
Hey did this have that file thing I sent you? The thing to make Marussia quicker? If it did, please give me some credit for the mod. Other than that, great skin.
Audren Lavenerable
Audren Lavenerable
No no :') it;s not for this mod. But thank you for the review. This one doesn't have a database :D. Im working on another mod where your file will be included :3
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L-! I was really a fan of Toyota, and although somewhat unrealistic to skin, consistent with the aesthetic of they were in their cars. And yet I have that ugly memory of TF110
Audren Lavenerable
Audren Lavenerable
Thank you for your review :). I am a big fan of Toyota as well and as Marussia and Caterham entered administration a week ago, replacing one of them by another team wouldn\t be that big of a deal :). Lets hope they'll be attracted to come into the sport with the v6 turbo engines just as honda is about to.
Sure , this is great (for Toyota's return in-game and your beautiful creation) but for the sponsor ...... Panasonic, Denso and esso is missing (And please please please add Asahi Thank for the skin anyway :)
Audren Lavenerable
Audren Lavenerable
Ill try to squeeze in panasonic and denso instead of logitech :p. Thanks for the review :')
I agree with bonnejv, wish it was red. Love it still though. Thank you for posting another car. =D
Audren Lavenerable
Audren Lavenerable
welcome ;') Ill add the red stripes when I can :'D
I like the skin but it's a bit to white for me... So many skins these days are all grey, black and white. I hoped a bit more red like the 2009 Toyota. But keep up the good work!
Audren Lavenerable
Audren Lavenerable
I know :x I didnt want to make it white but I had a tight schedule. I'll add red stripes when I have the time :D

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