RaceRoom Ranked Championship Returns For 2024

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After revealing three new BMW cars were being added to the platform, RaceRoom have announced that their Ranked Championship will continue for a third straight year using all the new cars.

RaceRoom's newly released BMW Pack featuring the M2 CS Racing, M4 GT4 and M8 GTE will be the basis for their newly announced continuation of the Ranked Championships. Starting from today, hotlap qualifying has opened up for the first round of three separate series players can partake in.

Each series for all three cars will run races every Wednesday for four rounds, with the BMW M2 CS Racing Cup's first set of races taking place on 5 June. All rounds will use a fixed setup and consist of two 20-minute races, with the second having a top 10 invert from the first race's result to set the grid.

The BMW M4 GT4 Trophy will follow, with rounds being run with an open setup, consisting of a 25-minute race and a 15-minute race which inverts the top five from the first race to set the grid. Last but not least, the M8 GTE will be part of the GTE Masters series, which consists of a sole 60-minute race with open setups and a mandatory stop.

RaceRoom Ranked Championship Season 1 2024 Schedule​

BMW M2 CS Racing Cup​

  1. TT Assen - 5 June
  2. Red Bull Ring - 12 June
  3. Zolder - 19 June
  4. Final (Community vote) - 26 June

BMW M4 GT4 Trophy​

  1. Hockenheimring - 3 July
  2. Lausitzring - 10 July
  3. Nordschleife - 17 July
  4. Final (Community vote) - 24 July

GTE Masters​

  1. Daytona - 31 July
  2. Interlagos - 7 August
  3. Imola - 14 August
  4. Final (Community vote) - 21 August
Bilstein M4 RaceRoom.jpg

RaceRoom is the first platform to have the second generation M4 GT4 that Jimmy Broadbent will race in this weekend's Nürburgring 24 hours.

The first three rounds will all be held at times convenient for each of the three regions Oceania, Europe and Americas, with all acting as qualifier rounds for the final which will be a global affair. If you want to learn more about how you can participate and how to earn prizes, check out the official post from the RaceRoom forums.

Will you be attempting the new RaceRoom Ranked Championships? Let us know your choices on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!
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a road map for 2024 and the new shaders improvement announce are all we need about raceroom, the future is too much vague for the customers.
I've just checked Raceroom's forums, the AI reports thread is still receiving feedbacks and the team seems rseponsive. That's positive. It just takes time. Some tracks have been receiving updates so it may be time to launch the game. I assume most populat tracks work fine.

What would be useful and welcome would be a list of category / track combos with fixed AI.

EDIT : I assume the adaptive AI will be fixed when all racing lines and speeds will be fully fixed.
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we never stop working on the ai , just a small tweak here or there can cause other issues , and when you see how many car classes and tracks there are , it just takes time ....


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