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Transfagarasan Asphalt Hill Climb .57

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Galaga has granted me permission to release a version of Transfagarasan I've been working on which includes timing in practice mode and a little bit of shadow work.

The goal of this update is to implement timing.
Any issues which existed in the original conversion will most likely still exist. This new version looks and runs fine on my machine with most of the graphics settings at high.

If people are still experiencing striped trees or whatever the issue was, let me know and I'll look into spending a few weekends generating/mapping mip maps

It looks best driven with the time of day set in the afternoon. The "treewalls" cause some bizarre shadows/bright spots if the time is set to early morning.

This IS a conversion -- most textures NEED to be updated, but it's one of the most fun courses in existence so there's no reason not to share it :)

Galaga's Original Conversion Release Notes:
Transfagarasan North
I am pleased to announce the beginning of a major project to bring a very special 23,6 km track to rFactor 2.

Transfagarasan has contributed greatly to re-igniting my passion for sim racing and I am privileged to have the opportunity to bring such a work of art to rFactor 2.

From Goibaka's track description on

The Transfagarasan (trans (over, across) + Fagaras) or DN7C is the most dramatic and second-highest paved road in Romania. Built as a strategic military route, the 24/90 km of twists and turns run north to south across the tallest sections of the Southern Carpathians.

My goal is to give this conversion the care and attention to detail that it deserves so this is just the beginning.

I am releasing v0.51 of this track as a pre-alpha for community testing, feedback and assistance. Make no mistake, there is MUCH still to do. Having said that, the track is very driveable as-is so enjoy My favorite cars so far are the T280 and the '65 Howston G6 but the Civic and Spark F1 are also very fun and I can't wait to test the SLS safety car and the Regional Skippy. And looking foward to the Cobra, of course

One last thing, the track comes in 12, yes 12, configurations representing every combination of top half, bottom half, full track, uphill, downhill, tarmac and gravel. This configuration is the full tarmac downhill layout. Others will follow once this one is fully complete.

A big THANK YOU to Goibaka and for this amazing work of art and permission to bring it to the rF2 community

Thanks also to Spaskis, A13 and others who have helped me get this far. Without you, I would never attempt such a feat.

Finally, thank you A13 for releasing the amazing Route 666 which reminded me of my love for rally tracks and DJC for recommending Crimson Road as a good rally-type track to bring to rFactor 2 because it is that track that inspired me to research other tracks that I may have missed which led me to discover Transfagarasan. Thanks DJC

Known issues:

- Some textures need mipmaps

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  1. Transfagarasan .57 -- graphics update

    Graphics update. Fixed some things, broke some things :)

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full of bugs, invisible walls, terrible sideroad; the track could be nice but needs a lot of work
Great job ! Thank you.
nice one;)
Great track. One of the best.

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