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Pikes Peak .98

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Pikes Peak V 0.85 for rFactor 2

Thanks to cafeaulait for permission to convert this awesome course, Spaskis for the step-by-step 3DSimEd instruction video, and freew67 for jumping in and teaching me point-to-point timing!

Timing for the course now works in practice session
To set times in a Race session, set finish criteria to TIME, and set time to 7 minutes or so.

Version 0.85 is the "final" version for a while. There are a few things that still need to be worked on, like RealRoad and the road surface itself, but I need to learn a few things before that happens

Changelog for version 0.98
Fixed up the graphics a bit more

Changelog for version 0.95a
Fixed up the graphics a bit

Changelog for version 0.85
June 14
Fixed shadows (again!)
Spread out sector gates
Fixed a number of objects to be collidable
AIW is set up to run with up to 8 people online. Not set up to run AI.
Fuel usage adjusted
LOD adjusted to stop that annoying pop up. It still happens in one little spot, but it's not alarming like it used to be.

Changes to version 0.79 June 8
Practice timing!!! everyone thank freew67

Object shadows updated/added
New garage and grid spots to allow 6 (?) or so drivers on the course
Road/grass materials assigned. No more cutting through the grass


Short video
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Latest updates

  1. Pikes Peak Hill Climb v.98

    Graphic improvements. Finally :)
  2. Pikes Peak version 0.95a

    MAJOR graphics improvements. And a few other things ;)
  3. Pikes Peak 0.85 Fixed Link :)

    ....fixed the download link. Oops.

Latest reviews

The concept for a Pikes Peak re-creation is great:
Superb vistas, cliff-side racing, alpine scenes, a challenging course with extreme elevation change.

Unfortunately the implementation of this course is only so-so at best mainly, if not completely, due to the lack of graphical quality throughout: The trees aren't detailed and are only very sparse and only found in close proximity to the track. The surrounding mountains and cliffs are also of not very good graphical quality and are too barren. The actual racing experience was quite underwhelming...
Shannon Flynn
Shannon Flynn
Dude, it's total ass. I tried to get RD to delete the mod, but they wouldn't for some unknown reason. The conversion is like 8 years old and it was questionable when I first converted it. It's an atrocity at this point :)
Can't even drive it because of the crest in the road
very bad this version of the pikes peak, compared to that of Dirt Rally seems to be on minecraft ... he might as well do it again from zero.
Cheap rFactor conversion. It looks really bad. It's ok if you know the track and you just want to drive on this track in rF2 but for a rF2 track it's just ugly.
Nice Work. Make it dirt now :) The real Pikes Peak got ruined with pavement!

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