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VAZ(LADA)-2106 0.9.99

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VAZ-2106, 1.6, 74hp
technical data were taken from the official factory documents and drawings

3d model: Dmitryi Dzuibuk and Aleksei Alekseev (aspec7878 aka skip)
physics: Alexander Merzlyakov (Buzy-Wuzy) and Evgeny Druzhinin
-I express my gratitude for the help in 3d modeling: Snoopy
-Help in sound: Alexandr Showmebest
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Latest updates

  1. VAZ-2106 version 0.9.99

    -fix physics -fix cockpit -fix sound -and more ...

Latest reviews

Cool mod, too bad there are no lights to drive at night.

This should be updated a bit since the car isn't really playable as is, and there's some editing of the "suspensions.ini" file to make it work.
Not work at AC 1.16(
Will this ever get updated? My lada collection is missing this thing.
game is crashing on loading screen
Not a problem to set car before ride, but the sound is sh*t.
What to do? Update or delete.
Nice model, however it seems to be missing its suspension, as the setup is invalid to drive, apparently, the cars height is invalid (in the red)
The model seems good but I cant drive the car : SETUP IS INVALID
What a laugh this car is, makes for great bit of fun. Driven one irl and they are a proper tank, this mod is great! Thankyou
funny litlle car, great mod :-)
Très bonne petite voiture, j'adore :)
very nice~!
very good fun to drive, but steering wheel in cocpit view is too much high
Good Job! Thx!
I really like that Car.
Overall i think the gearbox feels too new for this car.

Cons are
missing a 240hp version seen on wikipedia

what about a wolga w24 and lada niva 4x4?
Lots of slow speed fun. Hope to see an upgrade to the cockpit graphics and a little more power.

a quick fix for the sound is to copy the stock Abarth500 Sfx file and overwrite the original.

To fix the bounce, download Zep's 400 HP beast and copy and paste the suspensions and suspensions graphics files in the data folders back into the original stock 2106. Now you have the superpowered beast 2106 s3 and the better sounding and handling stock 2106.

Thank you to the original creators as well as Zep for his modifications.
I love this car, it is comical the way it rears as you take off or change gears. It also drifts which i found surprising as these cars are renowned for not handling well, i think that is just people who can't drive properly complaining. After some laps i got bored with the low amount of horse power and bad sounds so i gave it 400ish BHP and worked the suspension a bit, it is a handful but very fun and totally driveable if you have the skill, it also has the shelby cobra mod sounds so it sounds beastly =D.

Here is the link if you are interested, all rights and credit to the creators of this car and to the guys who made the cobra for the sounds. If i am out of line by modifying this then please tell me but its just a bit of fun, i mean no harm.
Very good, nice work
great job guys , and here some inspiration for the S1 version ;-)

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