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Laguna Seca 3.1

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Latest updates


    FIX. NOW WORKING. please DELETED old version! (2.0 or 2.2)
  2. Big Update

    - added new textures - added more small objects - added AI - added TV replay cams (3...
  3. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca

    -added 24 Pit Boxes -added 24 starting positions -added horizon

Latest reviews

Of all versions of Laguna Seca I've driven, this one is about as good as it can get. While the organic geometry involved in translating real topo (natural and constructed, such as track, structures, and accoutrements) is a beast in its own class, efficient and convincing materials are the other major challenge; this project answered all the req's, and well. Many thanks, I'm a fan of the track partly because an old friend completed (real world) racing school there :)
nice track
Brilliant track but the chopper is awful. With static rotarblades obviously it looks wrong just stuck in the sky. Is there a way to get rid of it? Apart from that, one of the finest mod tracks in AC.
track is great. To get it to work however make sure you create a "laguna_seca" Folder and extract your zip file to that, then copy it over to your tracks folder in AC
Brilliant! Can't get the smile off my face :-D
NIce track it was close enough to be comparable with official version in other games so much so that I was able to get in a smooth clean lap it just a couple of circuits.

I took the Ford Mustang SCAA [for version 1.9.3] around which You can find here if You are interested:
Great work so far, can't wait to be able to have a race here but excellent for hot lapping!
Please fix AI'S track is great , AI's are not WORKING
Help!!! when I download this file and unpack it using rar opener just get a mass of files!!!! how do I get it to work?
I love this track, so I want precision and realism. And it is missing in some places, especially the track lines, that are not following the real one in some places, with wavyness where it should be a perfect straight line or a constant curve. here's some comparisons

Keep working making it perfect! Its already a good start!
Some fixes and the track will be superb:
- AI doesn't work
- map doesn't work
- helicopter should be removed (looks strange)
- landscape textures of the hills could be optimized
The driving feeling (road mesh) is already great! Thank you!
there are invisible walls and the surface is kind of slippery
i'll wait for the next update of this content
The track works well enough, but please make sure that when you upload a resource you package the files properly. Many people won't know that they need to create a laguna seca folder to place your download in.
Nice track, quite faithful to the real one. However, the AI line is broken on the starting grid, and there is a frozen helicopter in the sky.
I deleted the 2.x version just 2 weeks ago as it wasn't good enough. Big thanks for the big update! I enjoy driving on this nice track in the new version. Well done and well worth getting the update.
This track is AWESOME- Period and is close to 5 start already, Fix the AI and this will be one of the best experiences in any SIM in my opinion. The undulation, camber and thrill of the Corkscrew makes this an unique experience. A challenging track but at the same time you can get into a good rhythm and hit the apex every time with a good setup and concentration. Keep it UP!......
Good track, only issue i have is high cpu occupancy with 20+ gt3 cars on track (everything is in slow motion - lol)

Don't have this issue with the other track called 'mazda raceway' but is very bumpy, most of the ai cars retire with broken suspensions???
Excellent track! Thanks... ,;)
Has the potential to be very good, but like the other guys I have some issues.
The ai crashes at the start, in some places if you get near the track's edge you get the'wrong way' symbol and if I run more than 10 cars it's undriveable.
Hope to see it updated and improved keep working.
folder? unrar with "Laguna_seca" or old folder "Laguna"

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