2022 Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix

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Who will win the Bahrain Grand Prix?

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Formula 1 is back in action this weekend for the first race of the 2022 season, as the teams take their new-look cars to the Bahrain International Circuit.

An exciting 2021 season that was decided on the last lap of the last race is still fresh on many of our minds, but it’s nearly time to see our favourite F1 drivers on track again.

The 2022 season will start this weekend, as the teams debut a fresh field of cars compliant with revised regulations for this season. Pre-season testing, while it can’t be taken as an exact indicator of how the teams will rank, does seem to indicate that there won’t be a sea change in the rankings of the teams versus last season.

Mercedes, the reigning constructors' champions, have already drawn the ire of other teams with their ultra slim side-pods on the W13. Ferrari has taken a very different approach and equipped their F1-75 with very wide side pods. The differences in car design should make for an interesting mix of strengths and weaknesses between the teams.

The favourite entering this season is Max Verstappen and Red Bull, with many sports writers expecting Verstappen to repeat as driver’s champion, and for Red Bull to upset the eight straight constructor’s championships of Mercedes. Sergio Perez’ season was overshadowed by the 1-2 battle between Hamilton and Verstappen in 2021, but he should prove to be a strong teammate for Verstappen and help secure victory for the team’s (now literal) number one driver.

Mercedes has a history of underperforming in practices, so it remains to be seen whether the Silver Arrows can return to championship form with their newest car that performed underwhelmingly in pre-season testing. Lewis Hamilton remained silent through much of the offseason but has since returned to the spotlight and will be hungry to reclaim the top spot in F1. George Russell will be replacing Hamilton’s former teammate Valtteri Bottas this season, after being called up from Williams.

The strong 2021 showings of Ferrari and McLaren, whose battle throughout the 2021 season saw the teams swapping places in the ranking several times, could foreshadow a 2022 season that sees either or both teams contending with the powerhouse Red Bull and Mercedes teams. The returning rosters of Charles Leclerc with Carlos Sainz, and Lando Norris with Daniel Ricciardo are all potential race-winners, so these teams are poised for elevated success this year.

Mid-pack, Apline, Aston Martin and AlphaTauri all retain their driver roster from last season and should be battling with each other for championship points. Veterans Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel will both be looking to impress fans a few more times as they draw nearer to retirement. Their respective teammates, Esteban Ocon and Lance Stroll, have each demonstrated their potential in recent years and will be trying to glean knowledge from the veterans while they can. AlphaTauri's pairing of Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda is potentially a formidable one, with Gasly having a win to his name and Tsunoda showing good pace but signs of rookie jitters last season.

Williams, Alfa Romeo and Haas round out the lineup of teams. Williams will be without George Russell this season after his move to the Mercedes team, and he will be replaced by returning driver Alexander Albon. Alfa Romeo’s new driver lineup includes rookie driver Zhou Guanyu and veteran Valtteri Bottas, who will need to adjust to driving a non-contending car after years at Mercedes where he scored 10 wins. Kevin Magnussen returns to the Formula 1 grid this season to drive for Haas, and he will drive alongside teammate Mick Schumacher.

With 0 points on the board for any team or driver, we want to hear your predictions for this race and this season in general. Will this be a two-horse race again between Red Bull and Mercedes, or will another team enter the battle? Likewise, will we see Hamilton and Verstappen separating themselves from the rest of the pack, or will someone else emerge as a contender? Let us know in the comments below.
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Finally we’ll see who has a good car. The recent tests don’t mean much. This season, there’s a good possibility that the various upgrades that teams will bring out will change things around. Maybe the best car in Bahrein will no longer be the best by the time we get to the middle of the season.

Anyway, the cars look good and, unlike recent years, they look different from each other.

The return of F1 is always good news to me, because it means Spring is right around the corner! :)
I'm not going to enter this poll.

So much is still unknown about the true performance of the teams after this massive shakeup in the rules. So much so I'm not even going to discount the possibility of Haas taking a one two victory.
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Seb is younger than Lulu no? Willing to bet if Seb had a decent car the retirement talk would stop. The way F1 is going I wouldnt blame Seb for saying screw it. Hes the only one I hope has a good year.
I'm hoping for more fight, not just 2 drivers from top teams only. Imagine how much better F1 strategy would be if top teams wouldn't have pit window open without losing position after half of the stint.

While cars shouldn't be equal the gaps shouldn't be as big as last year... And year before... And...

So, midfielders - bring it on!
I voted for Max Headroom. Merc won't put up a challenge until May. Ferrari is better, but not the best. Mclaren would be my surprise winner.
So why bother posting in a Formula 1 thread? Yet again?

We get it. You don't like F1. Can't you go and post somewhere else to get the attention you so clearly crave?
Maybe like me he's interested in both, but prefers MGP? It's closer racing and looks FAR more dynamic. 220+mph just hanging on with hands and thighs!!!! Although F1's casting a spell on me again with recent rules changes to shake things up.

edit, my prediction...not a ferking clue...just the way I like it!
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I'm not going to enter this poll.

So much is still unknown about the true performance of the teams after this massive shakeup in the rules. So much so I'm not even going to discount the possibility of Haas taking a one two victory.
I agree with the new airo and problems in testing. The teams usualy carry development over from the last season. Some of the smaller mid pack teams would of poured more resource into 2022 car that was supposed to be out in 2021. So we may see someone in the mid pack run well or win. It will be a good 2 or 3 Grandprix before teams solve issues. Pourpoising seems to be a problem that wont be fixed overnight.
McLaren has solved the pourpoising problem with the floor. Mercedes are using liquid cooling so they can taper in sidepods. It will fix pourpoising but if the other teams don't like liquid cooling becuse they don't have the budget to run something similar they can veto the idea if 8 out of 10 teams don't like it.

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