5 Track and Car Combinations To Try in Automobilista 2

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AMS2 has improved over the last year, with a studio that seems to squeeze everything they can out of the Madness Engine.

If you haven't given AMS2 a go yet, or haven’t jumped back in for a while - these are the tracks and cars we recommend you trying.

Daytona Road Course - MetalMoro MRX Durated P2​

With a 65 year history and located in Daytona Beach, Florida, the Daytona International Speedway is a fantastic circuit with plenty of history. Yes, turn 1 may be one of the hardest corners to get right, but the rest of the circuit rewards you with precise and super smooth driving. We recommend the P2 MetalMoro, which has 35bhp and weighs in at 800kg. This car is so fun to drive, and rewards you for driving on the very edge.

Spa-Francorchamps - Chevrolet Cruz Stock car ‘20​

There’s nothing like taking Eau Rouge and Raidillon to the absolute limit and so I recommend the Chevrolet Cruz Stock car ‘20. With a naturally aspirated 6.8l V8, the Cruz Stock Car sounds and drives great!” If you nail it, (with the right conditions and setup) you can make it to the crest of Radillion flat out and what a feeling!! Spa is an incredibly rewarding track that provides plenty of opportunities to improve on your best laps times.

Long Beach - Porsche 911 RSR-19​

Bumpy, slippy, tight turns, and walls everywhere - ready to ruin your race, on paper Long Beach should not be a fun track to drive at all. But my oh my it is! Yes it will screw you up and spit you out at any minute, but that’s half the fun! The Porsche 911 RSR-19 is the perfect car to race around Long Beach, first off it sounds beautiful and has the right amount of grip vs power to be an incredibly fun and rewarding car to drive.

Nordschleife - Mercedes-Benz CLK LM​

The Green Hell, yes any recommended track list should always include Nords. With 154 corners and measuring 21 kilometres in length, you need to have a car that goes around corners and has the top end speed for the long straights. My recommendation for Nords is the Mercedes-Benz CLK LM in AMS2, this GT1 car is a beast with 600bhp and is so fun to drive with a sequential shifter.

Oulton Park - Ginetta G40 Cup​

Blind crests and tight corners are two of the many reasons why Oulton Park is a fantastic circuit to drive. We recommend the Ginetta G40 Cup, it only has 143bhp but Ginetta racing can be some of the closest most competitive racing you will see! Also one of the corners at Oulton Park is Knickerbrook corner, named after a courting couple (no joke).

Which car and track combo's would you recommend to the rest of the community?
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Still searching....combos I like seem to change with everybuild.

Edit: ;)

On a positive note the recent USA gen 2/3 at Road america are pretty fun along with the metalmoro at nords
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Still searching....combos I like seem to change with everybuild.

The majority of content in this title that attracts ME has bugs/issues.

Go karts, the brakes overheat or you get terminal damage after a lap.
GT3's abs isint working properly causing lockups or spinning in several cars.

Multi class ai is bad as the faster ai get stuck behind slower ai.

Weather/rain several cars are faster on slicks than the wets they should be using.

The static pooping of the audio on several cars is painful.

Still searching for a decent all round ffb

The Mini Cooper feels like it has a deadzone from 10 to 2 before it starts to turn

On a positive note the recent USA gen 2/3 at Road america are pretty fun along with the metalmoro at nords
ah, that's what is going on with karting! Indeed, after 1 lap my brakes sort of stop working.
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MRC2000 at Donington can give you lots of pleasure. The FFB is incredible there.
Some of my personal favourites:

Formula Classic Gen3 @ Donington
Stock Car Brasil 2019 @ Salvador
Formula USA Gen3 @ Road America
GT Classics Corvette C3R @ Road America
Camaro GT4 @ Kyalami Modern
Formula Vintage Gen1 @ Watkins Glen Short (without chicane)
Ultima GT Race Car @ Brands Hatch

Ultima GTR Road Car @ Nordschleife
GT Classics Porsche RSR @ Nordschleife
P4 MCR2000 @ Kansai (=Suzuka)

Especially the bolded ones :) With the new clutch physics on some of those combos you actually have to look after your car and shift carefully so you don't ruin it.
Yeaa - tbh the non known tracks from SA in AMS1 and AMS2 are just as good any other on the planet - love em' but they get criminally overlooked.
I think it just comes down to knowing these tracks in real life... either TV or attending events. I'm way more interested in NA venues than European or South America ones (Interlagos an exception)... maybe because I've been to a few, been watching IMSA races for a long time, etc. I'm sure brazilian stock car is great, I'm just not as exposed to it.
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