505 Games Offers First Look at Assetto Corsa on Mobile

A Twitch livestream on Friday offered Assetto Corsa fans their first chance to see the mobile version of the racing sim.

PocketGamerLive on Twitch streamed a sneak peek at the upcoming mobile edition of Assetto Corsa. Hosts James Gilmour and Sophia Aubrey Drake commentated over a live feed of an Alfa Romeo Mito QV lapping Brands Hatch in the mobile game.

There were few if any conclusions to draw about Assetto Corsa’s mobile edition from the stream, since the hosts didn’t explore content or game modes in depth, but James did note the relative difficulty of lapping Brands Hatch compared to other mobile racing titles. The screen share from the phone showed touch inputs for the game, including brake and accelerator, plus camera cycling and a look backward. A racing line was utilized for the demonstration, with acceleration and braking points shown as green and red in the racing line, respectively.

Most of us first heard about this upcoming mobile title in late May of this year, but the news was largely overshadowed by the news of Assetto Corsa 2.

Mobile and tablet games currently account for nearly half of the worldwide gaming market, which has led many game developers to build mobile versions of existing games or game series. Project CARS, Need for Speed and Forza are among the racing franchises currently represented on mobile. Even though the control options may be limited, more representation from the racing sim world in mobile gaming is an exciting prospect for sim racers on the go. Bluetooth controllers are supported on most modern mobile phones, so we can hope that Assetto Corsa will offer support for popular controllers.

Few details were given during the stream, but a subsequent tweet from Assetto Corsa let us know that more news from the AC world will come to us on August 27th.

Let us know below in the comments if the idea of a mobile racing sim interests you, or what you expect from Assetto Corsa on mobile.
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Only the marketing "geniuses" at 505 could have come up with the idea of taking a very realistic simulator and find a way to strip it out completely of it's core feature and turn it into the worse implementation possible to get a few thousands of dollars from this illusive hard core mobile sim racers secret community. What a waste of money... What's next? Perhaps, they will pour money and divert Kunos' from their main focus and implement a Commode 64 version?
There is mobile 'sim' called Assoluto that I have actually spent a fair amount of time playing when I worked my previous job. I was on the road a lot and grew fond of it. It was neat playing something semi-realistic on the road when I felt that itch. If this is a better version I'm all for it. It might be some fun. You can't always have your rig with you.

Also if this means they will have even more funds for AC2 that is great. I think it's easy to forget sim racing is still niche and development is expensive.

Edit: Thought I might add this; for anyone in a similar situation, on the road, having a mobile sim with more real world tracks would be nice. Assoluto only had the Nords, Ebisu and Tsukuba I think. Otherwise it's all fantasy.
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C'mon guys, relax, this is probably just a small projects and it doesn't look that bad. Besides, I think we will probably get AC2 or ACC news on 27th aug

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