AMS2 F1 Livery Packs: 2024 & 1992 Seasons Released

The RaceDepartment community has been hard at work again, resulting in the release of two great AMS2 F1 livery packs. Automobilista 2 racers get to enjoy Formula One in its past and present forms.

There is no denying that Automobilista 2 is the go-to racing sim for historic Formula One content that does not require mods. With one exception, that is: All cars sport fictional liveries. The RD community has cleared this hurdle, however – almost all F1 seasons in AMS2 has accurate livery packs available. The latest two have just been released.

With Formula One testing underway and already pointing at a season as exciting as ever (note the large amounts of sarcasm), the F1 fever among racing fans is starting to ramp up again. And despite the 2024 season only starting on March 2, a full livery pack for Automobilista 2 is already available.

And for those who really cannot wait for 2026 or just want to predict the future, a 2026 skinpack by @lordmarcos is also available for you to dive into the world of “what if?” properly.


Verstappen at the front, then the rest of the field – F1 fans may see much more of this in 2024 again if testing is any indication.

AMS2 F1 Livery Packs: 2024 Hits v1.0​

RaceDepartment user @KRRTDustin, who has also created skin packs for the 2022 and 2023 seasons, has developed his F1 2024 Skinpack as the car launches happened. As the teams presented their new rides ahead of pre-season testing, the pack got updated step by step and has now hit version 1.0.

It comes with all 10 2024 F1 teams and AI files for the drivers. Save for Max Verstappen, they do not sport their 2024 helmets yet, but as there have been no off-season driver changes, the 2023 lids serve as stand-ins until the new helmets can be created for the pack.


Carlos Sainz jr. is in his last season with Ferrari – but at least he gets a good-looking car for it!

As the Formula Ultimate Gen 2 car, for which the liveries have been created, features 22 entries, optional extra teams are included in the livery pack. You can choose to enhance your grid either with an Audi or a Porsche team. In fact, the Audi team was already part of the 2023 skin pack as well, fielding Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher as its drivers.

Sadly, sim racers will not be able to recreate the season opener in Bahrain in AMS2, as the track is not present in the sim. The earliest Grand Prix to emulate would be round 4 of the championship at Suzuka, which is called Kansai in the sim. In total, 10 of the 24 circuits of the 2024 season are available.


Relive the year where it all finally came together for the famous Red 5.

Throwback To 1992​

It is not only modern F1 that has received a brand-new AMS2 livery pack, however. Throwing it back to 32 years ago, the 1992 Formula One Season for the Formula HiTech Gen 1 cars are here, courtesy of @Immersion Modding Group. In addition to the McLaren MP4/7, four unbranded models based on the Ferrari F92A, Benetton B192 and Williams FW14B race in the class.

The latter has two versions available, one mimicking the car used by the Williams-Renault team in 1992, including Active Suspension, Traction Control and other driver aids. The other version of the car does not have these gizmos on board, apart from the semi-automatic paddle-shifted transmission.


The Benetton B192 propelled a certain German to the first of a lot of victories in F1.

1992 saw Nigel Mansell win his only F1 World Championship, as the Briton was on another level than the rest of the field in his FW14B. It was also the year that Michael Schumacher took the first of his 91 Formula One victories at Spa-Francorchamps, taking advantage of the changing conditions.

Nine period-correct circuits are available for the 1992 season in AMS2, with four more accurate locations with different track layouts also being present. The livery pack comes with car designs, helmets, driver suits and AI files for the latter to match their 1992 performances.

AMS2 F1 Livery Packs: More In Our Guide​

To find out more about the 1992 F1 season as well as other historic F1 seasons in AMS2, check out our Ultimate Formula 1 Season Guide for Automobilista 2 on RaceDepartment. It lists which class depicts which season, the accurate tracks as raced in the corresponding year, and links to the appropriate AMS2 F1 livery packs.

A 1993 pack is also available, courtesy of @Vuzz Voom. However, the modder themselves implies that the pack is simply a stopgap to bridge the time until Immersion Modding Group releases their 1993 Season pack. Initially, the pack was created for personal use.


Vuzz Voom’s 1993 livery pack in action. Image credit: @Vuzz Voom

Which of these new AMS2 F1 livery packs are you going to give a spin first? Let us know on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Those skin packs are very much appreciated, they shorten the gap for immersion when racing those present and past F1 seasons.
One mod that I would like to have in AMS2 is a mod that would change those GEn x to something with a date, so I would not have to go back to a cheat list when trying to select a particular season. That would be a great add to me.
Yes, big huge thanks to those who bring all my favourite racing eras back to life. You guys are amazing!
AMS2 is awesome, but if it only had generic liveries I'm not sure how much of my time it would actually get.

... One mod that I would like to have in AMS2 is a mod that would change those GEn x to something with a date, so I would not have to go back to a cheat list when trying to select a particular season. That would be a great add to me.

I would love the same. I looked at changing the Vehicle Class Logos images, which are in a folder in GUI, but I don't think the game reads those files - the important ones must be packed in an archive somewhere. I made a set of new GUI icons for AMS a long time ago, but that game was much, much easier to mod. Would love to figure out how to do the same for the successor - all the Gen1,2,3 stuff drives me mental as well.
I smell a stream of the 1992 season coming up really soon... I may or may not be slightly partial towards 90s F1, but that shouldn't exactly be new :D
Vuzz Voom’s, skinpack for great effort :), wish automobilista 2 added more cars for the 1992 season (and the previous ones (missing the Venturi Larrousse and the Andrea Moda for example (1992 skins) ), Wish theGuys implement something like " a did not qualify "system ;)
Nice, but the skins in AC are better quality and the cars drive with more realistic realism (ie RSS and VRC mods)

I have to strongly disagree with you.
Nothing against AC but the cars certainly don't drive more realistically in AC, exactly the opposite is the case. I don't want to offend you, but either your AMS2 settings are completely wrong or you simply have no idea.
But hey, if you like the skins in AC more, then stick with AC, nobody is forcing you to drive AMS2.
Last edited:
2 great implementations. *.*

With Cota there would be 11 tracks in 2024, downloadable from projectcarsmoddingteam.

The late 80s and early 90s are perfectly playable and you feel like you are in the earlier Grand Prix parts by Geoff Crammond.

What bothers me about hybrid vehicles is the poor ability of the AI to overtake other AI vehicles. Even with DRS and maximum aggressiveness, the AI is incredibly timid and cancels overtaking maneuvers or stays in the same place.

Maybe Does anyone know a solution here, I can't do it via the custom AI files.
1992...Nice throwback to the era in F1 were cars passed each other on the track.

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