Apprehensive about racing online? Now's your chance

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Racing online can be daunting, you may feel more comfortable racing against AI or simply time trialing - but what if we told you that you can race online safe from any abuse in a friendly and accommodating environment. Sounds good? Read on.

For a while now, approximately a dozen premium members have been getting together on a Friday night and racing against each other on AMS2.

Automobilista 2 is probably one one of the more accommodating racing sims, cars don’t feel as brutal when compared to ACC and are easier to drive on the edge of grip compared to iRacing.

Don’t be fooled though, Automobilista 2 is a sim and whilst it is potentially more accessible to sim racers who are just getting into this genre; it still takes time and skill to push these cars to the limit.

This Friday, we are inviting any premium member to join us as we race around the Cascavel circuit in Formula Ford racing cars.

Cascavel is in Brazil and the track has been around since the mid 70s. The track is 3.3km in length and even though it’s a relatively short track, it still manages to provide two long straights and several challenging corners.

Over the years, the track has hosted MotoGP, truck racing, and stock cars, but unfortunately due to the lack of investment in the complex, the circuit had to be withdrawn from the official calendar of many major competitions. The circuit has continued to host motorcycle events, and various other types of automotive events.

As we said the car we are driving is the Formula Ford, or known in the game as Formula Trainer Advanced. It is an open-wheel 1.6 litre race car, weighing just 425 KG and with over 154 HP. It has a good blend of power vs weight vs grip. It’s a fun car to drive, that wants to go sideways - however make sure not to exceed the optimal slip angle or you’ll end up in a barrier!

To be fast, the car rewards precise driving; not like what you saw in the video!

The race will take place this Friday 25th March 2022.

The time table for this rookie event:
  • Practice: 20:00 UTC / 21:00 CET (30 minutes)
  • Qualifying: 20:30 UTC / 21:30 CET (10 minutes)
  • Race: 20:40 UTC / 21:40 CET (20 minutes)
To register for this event make sure to sign up here.
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I use to read the after action reports.
Very entertaining. Thank you, to all participants... :)
I've always shied away from online racing but might sign up and take the leap!

Damian, you said "For a while now, approximately a dozen premium members have been getting together on a Friday night and racing against each other on AMS2"

Upon signing up will the races and events are posted up in a members area or something?

I race nearly exclusively on AMS2 in VR, so finding some like minded people would be a great pastime, especially on a Friday evening.
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Its starts at 4pm NY time .. where you guys from??

Most of the people that race online are from the EU, for us it starts between 8 and 10 in the evening you see. It is probably also a factor why most people in the racing club can race at EU times. Unfortunately I am not sure we have enough people for USA races.

By the way fun car and track so I encourage everyone to sign up - but only in the right thread.
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Well, my reluctance racing online is not solely due to I'm very keen of surfing my NAS and the Internet for mods of (mostly historic) tracks and cars I think of during a typical week, the main fact is that I now very rarely or rather never have the timeslots for online race events.
So now and then I just drop in online lobbies, in fact
It's not that I dislike conpetitive onæine racing. In past decades/years I've enjoyed it in F1C, rF1, SRW, GPL, WTCC, iRacing, ACC and 2021 some AMS2 event series suitable for just drop in and drive. AMS2 in fact some of my best online racing experience with quality drivers, knowing the on and off the limits of their cars.

When I in the other thread I wrote about spending most of the evening simracing two offline events, it was 100% by chance, not planned before, and the first event even had to interrupt it plenty times.

So it's not that I dislike online racing, but my typical day is full of sporadic short timeslots. So just lucky for me that I find great joy in setting up offline mostly historic events consisting if quality mods.

But hats off for your job trying to find suitable events for those relucting based on other explanations than the time factor.

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