AMS2 Rookies | Formula Ford @ Cascavel - Friday 25 March 2022

Automobilista 2 Racing Club event

Bram Hengeveld

Site Founder
Formula Ford Advanced.jpg

This week we are racing the legendary rookie racing car, the Formula Ford. The 1600cc open-wheeler machine without wings, no aero, no slicks and only mechanical grip has been the car all big racing champions raced at the beginning of their careers.

And now it's your chance to get into the footsteps of your real life racing heroes. Are you new to simracing, aka a rookie, and want to race with more experienced simracers who will show you the ropes and help you as much as they can during a casual fun online event, don't miss out and sign up today! (experienced drivers are of course very much welcome as well!)

An hour later but a shorter overall event with a lowered specced open wheeler racing machine. Fun guaranteed!

You will not get any faster or skilled by not racing online, you will only get faster with online practice and resistance with other real drivers surrounding you.

Do you want to become a better pilot, take your chance now and start your online sim racing career here and sign up in the comments below. :)

Server Password: brit
Server Settings: open setups, factory settings
Track: Cascavel
Cars: Formula Trainer Advanced
Discord: Join us on the #Automobilista-2 voice chat during the event. Join our Discord here and check out the #read-this-first how to setup and syncronize your premium account.
Rules: Read or watch our racing club rules

Time Table

Practice: 20:00 UTC / 21:00 CET (30 minutes)
Qualifying: 20:30 UTC / 21:30 CET (10 minutes)
Race: 20:40 UTC / 21:40 CET (20 minutes)

Entry List
  1. Bram Hengeveld
  2. Fiberoptix
  3. Damian Reed
  4. Andrew Leach
  5. Casper de Wit
  6. Stuart Thomson
  7. Orlando Medley Sr.
  8. jackmr
  9. Dave Stephenson
  10. Neilski
  11. MarkModdy
  12. Ramon van Rijn
  13. JP13
  14. Kaygeeoh
  15. stayfon
  16. Smidgey
  17. MoerasGrizzly
  18. Steve Le Gallez
  19. JussiS
  20. abecede
  21. Robert Jennings
  22. max1966i
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  24. Free slot - sign up here

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