Assetto Corsa Bahrain International Track Mod

Bahrain GP Circuit Assetto Corsa Mod.jpg
The new F1 season is just around the corner and we are eagerly anticipating a great season of racing.

If you are looking ahead to this weekend, then perhaps you might be interested in taking a car for a spin around the Bahrain International Circuit with this great Assetto Corsa mod.

Converted and uploaded by @Lavalamp641 - this track was made by @CTDP for the original version of rFactor, McNolo then made a conversion of this track along with some updates for rFactor 2.

This conversion has taken McNolo’s version and converted it to Assetto Corsa, along with a number of updates.

The track was originally uploaded in August 2020, but has had regular updates - the latest being yesterday where the night lighting has been completely overhauled.

It is thoroughly recommended that anyone who downloads this track, ensures they have Custom Shaders Patch. It will work without the patch, but the night lighting will not work.

The mod features 6 layouts:
  • Grand Prix (36 Cars)
  • Endurance (36 Cars)
  • Outer (36 cars)
  • Paddock (36 Cars)
  • Inner (20 Cars)
  • Test Oval (36 Cars)
The track features dynamic night lighting that turns on at night and off during the day, it also features digital track flags, Grass FX, Rain FX, fireworks and working DRS Zones.

Let’s take a moment to thank everyone involved in this project and then let’s go race!!!
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Makes me wonder why no sim has an official version of this track, it's really great.
Well the F1 Games and Project Cars 3 have it officialy in the Game. But im quite sure that is not what you meant with Sim Game;)
Well the F1 Games and Project Cars 3 have it officialy in the Game. But im quite sure that is not what you meant with Sim Game;)
Well....yes. :D Although the F1 games look quite decent, but I don't know how accurate the tracks are.
Sorry, but this is a total crap, tried it for 1 lap and thats it. Why? Look into reviews! I would do better from scratch in 2 days for sure.
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Always interest in a good track mod, but seeing the video on youtube and I directly noticed the all in the same row repeated palm-trees models. :cry:
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