Assetto Corsa Competizione | 4 Tips for Getting Started with Career Mode

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Assetto Corsa Competizione has become a popular online racing sim, but here are some tips for those who choose to take on its career mode.

ACC has become known for many things since its release in 2018. It has earned a large and loyal following for its meticulous recreation of the experience of driving a GT3 race car, as well as for the countless racing leagues that have sprung up around it. But a lesser discussed feature of the title is the career mode.

In Assetto Corsa Competizione's career mode, you first try out for a team at a short series of events at Monza, then jump into a race calendar and take on a field of AI cars across a variety of locations. And while the career mode lacks the training aspects we love in titles like GTR2 and Gran Turismo, or the dramatic story modes of F1 2021 or GRID Legends, ACC's career mode still offers players plenty of fun and a chance to sample the Blancpain/SRO racing experience.

ACC's audience has recently grown thanks to its launch on Gen 9 consoles, so many players will be tackling this career mode for the first time. Here are some tips for those who are about to embark on their new career as a virtual GT3 driver.
  1. Starting Out / Huracan ST Trials- The first challenge in the career mode is a series of trial runs at Monza in the Lamborghini Huracan ST. There are three trials: a daytime run with dry conditions, a rainy run during the day, and a run at night with dry conditions. As the game tells you, consistency is key. The ST can be a difficult car to drive, but thankfully the runs are only 10 minutes each. Keys to success are as follows:
    1. Be first out of the pits to avoid battling traffic
    2. Lighten your fuel load for each session to about 22 litres
    3. Turn down traction control slightly for the wet session
    4. Increase your tire pressure by about 1 psi before tackling the night session
  2. Choose Your AI Level Carefully - After your trials at Monza are over, and before you begin your season, you'll need to choose your AI difficulty. If this is your first time playing a racing sim, or you're not yet comfortable with driving in ACC, choosing a lower difficulty will allow you to use assists. If you have more experience and want more of a challenge, Hard or Pro modes step up the AI difficulty. But be cautious with your selection, since you'll be stuck with it for the balance of the career. For reference, my low 1'34" qualifying lap time at the season opener in Zolder was good enough for pole on Medium difficulty, but only good enough for top 5 with a Hard setting. For an engaging career experience, choose a difficulty level one level higher than what the game suggests.
  3. The Bentley is a Solid Starter Option - If you're new to Assetto Corsa Competizione and haven't yet found a favourite car, the 2015 or 2018 (2018 is preferred) Bentley is a great overall car with forgiving handling. A common sentiment among new players who are struggling to complete valid laps in ACC is that the cars feel to light. The Bentley by contrast feels very heavy, and that results in a more stable feeling car. There will be many cars on offer both at the start and at the mid-point of the season, so choose a favourite if you have it, but consider the Bentley if you're new to the game.
  4. Managing Pit Stops is Critical- Your first season as a GT3 driver in ACC's career mode is effectively split into two parts: a Sprint series and an Endurance series. Especially in the case of the former, planning your pit stops is imperative. Among the considerations are:
    1. Plan you pit stops in the setup screen before the race starts
    2. Be sure the correct driver is chosen for the pitstop using the MFD, as driver swaps are mandatory
    3. Refueling is not allowed in the sprint series, but mandatory for both pit stops in the Endurance races, so plan accordingly
    4. Use the practice session to learn the pit lane entry, as precious time can be lost if you enter the pits too fast or too slow
These are just a few tips to get you going in the career mode, though you'll find your own tricks and tactics as you progress. Be sure to share them in the comments below, and good luck in your career.
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Speaking of ACC career, are rewards fixed on later Endurance races?

It was demotivating to stop being able to receive most bonus challenge points and finishing medals due to a bug, and then see your overall rating declining after each endurance race regardless of your results. Last time I checked it, issue was still on 1.7.12 last year (prob. present since 20'). I hope it's been finally fixed by now, some feedback would be welcome. :thumbsup:

PS: By then, I found the 18' GT-R a nice starting car for career, specially under bad weather (being a predictable FR that you can drown in TC when difficulties arise).
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It's a shame the AI in ACC is absolutely diabolical. I have spectated quite a few races just observing the AI and on most of the circuits, the starting grid is the same as finish line. Virtually no other takes, at all - even with varying levels of difficulty and aggression.
Like others already said the ai is just very linear to race on (fancyer said than boring) would like to race lot more against it, but.. it is just so machine kinda ai that it just isnt fun. And if im right, you can race only against 16 cars in career, am i right? Why's that..? It has been a while i tried career, but that was one reason why i didnt bother. But i wish so badly that developers would be serious with ai. I just hate to be that guy in online who is always finding the as.....s and being rammed no matter start from where. And 90% of races started from front row are ruined because of the id...s that thinks race is settled in first three corners. Im fedup with that. So... its hard to race no matter which you choose. IF! You just dont have enough time to participiate in certain servers to have races in certain times etc. Not possible to everyone.

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